Anime Feminist LogoOn September 18, Anime Feminist kicked off a crowdfunding drive via Patreon and Ko-fi. Through the campaign, the publisher aims to raise funds to transcribe their catalog of Chatty AF podcasts.

In 2018, Anime Feminist raised $24,100 USD via Indiegogo, which was used to upgrade the site’s infrastructure and ensure funds to pay contributors a fair rate for labor. Among the funds raised, $4,000 were earmarked to transcribe the first seventy-five episodes of Chatty AF.

The publisher is seeking to raise $4,000 to pay the fees associated with transcribing episodes 76 – 126. If this goal is reached, Anime Feminist aims to raise an additional $220 in ongoing Patreon patron revenues to continue funding future episodes. This would amount to fifty patrons at $5 each, after Patreon fees are accounted for.

Anime Feminist opened its doors on October 11, 2016, with a stated goal of discussing anime through a feminist lens. Since its launch, the organization has published more than 3,200 articles.

In 2018, Anime Herald entered a content partnership with AniFem, which saw Anime Herald’s newsroom content syndicated on Anime Feminist’s website. This partnership ended amicably with the closure of Anime Herald’s newsroom.

Source: Anime Feminist (Email Communication)