Still from Zombie Land Saga Episode 9, which features Saki smiling as she points at the camera.

Herald Anime Club

The Herald Anime Club Meeting 157: Retro Rewind: Zombie Land Saga Episode 9

Meeting Date: 9/12/2020

Disclaimer: The Herald Anime Club discusses shows in a generally unmoderated format. Naturally, there will be spoilers for a given episode. You have been warned!

Samantha Ferreira: Hi everyone, and welcome to the Herald Anime Club. I’m Samantha, and it’s a packed house tonight with L.B. and Anthony

L.B. Bryant: Hello

Anthony Simpson: Evening

Samantha Ferreira: Tonight, we’re heading back to Saga as we talk up Zombie Land Saga episode 9: “This is totally a Yakuza substory, isn’t it?”

Still from Zombie Land Saga Episode 9, which features Saki wearing a red coat. She smiles as she holds up a Tamagotchi.

Anthony Simpson: So, we got our Saki episode and I loved it.

L.B. Bryant: I love a good delinquent substory.

Anthony Simpson: and yes, Sam it does feel like a Yakuza substory.

Samantha Ferreira: It really does, albeit without Kiryu

Anthony Simpson: Saki my favorite of the show so her getting the focus and a bit about her when she was available was nice to see. Also, I need more of Lily throwing shade at people.

Samantha Ferreira: Definitely. I’d watch a spinoff with just the two of them.

Still from Zombie Land Saga Episode 9, which features Lily Hoshikawa grimacing in annoyance. She's wearing a pink, purple, and blue shirt.

Anthony Simpson: So I got a kick out of the daughter is the former leader of the group that Saki used to be part of having her motor scooter all tricked out and how tacky it looked.

Samantha Ferreira: likewise. It was just this great little bit of absurdity, like “yeah, they’ve fallen that low as a gang”

Anthony Simpson: This episode did bring a thought. So the 1st leader of Saki’s gang ended up settling down and having a family. That got me wondering what kind of life Saki would have had if she didn’t get killed.

Samantha Ferreira: Right? It’s really kind of interesting. Speaking of… Poor Reiko though… had to watch her girlfriend die, then watch her repeat the exact same stunt a second time almost 20 years later.

Anthony Simpson: True.

Samantha Ferreira: That ending, though, was kind of great – it’s literally the “Larry Burns Party” ending – where everyone’s just confused and there’s just a bunch of people vibing to the music.

L.B. Bryant: I really like that they still have the metalheads as regular fans heh

Anthony Simpson: I liked the ending, give a speech then having a concert because reasons

Samantha Ferreira: Right? The metalheads are just a great running joke now

Anthony Simpson: I want a spin-off of the metalheads. Once again Tae Yamada had my favorite part where she started biting the hair of Maria out of nowhere.

Samantha Ferreira: True that. Or just dancing along in a mask in the concert

Speaking of… I find it kind of amazing that cartoon delinquents understand masking better than grown-ass adults in the US.

Still from Zombie Land Saga Episode 9, which features five girls gasping in awe. Three are wearing red coats and grey shirts with neckties. Two are clad in black shirts and face masks.

Anthony Simpson: Sadly true

Samantha Ferreira: I really do like this episode – the moment of realization, when Reiko gets it, is priceless… followed by her giving Saki the punch in the jaw the rightfully deserved in 1997

Anthony Simpson: So true. So, yeah, Reiko despite no longer being in charge a biker gang still has it 2 decades after the fact.

Samantha Ferreira: Indeed. One other thing I noticed is how differently Tatsumi regards Saki after that dick-punch. He doesn’t do his theatrics or the like, just “You know, what this shit means if you fuck up, right?”

Well… that and he’s basically just a soccer mom when driving. The part where Saki jumped out was priceless

Still from Zombie Land Saga Episode 9, which features a man with brown hair screaming in frustration as he drives. a girl with blue hair stares on from behind.

Anthony Simpson: Yea that I did notice that. Saki jumping out and the reaction to that was another part that I enjoyed that

L.B. Bryant: I’m actually kind of surprised that Tatsumi doesn’t have a fly swatter in the front seat to smack the girls in the back seat when they drive him nuts

Samantha Ferreira: I kind of like it. I half expected him to say “don’t make me turn this car around”

Anthony Simpson: Either that or pull the “If you don’t behave yourselves, I’m turning this car around.” card.

L.B. Bryant: lol

Anthony Simpson: Tatsumi seems like the kind of person who would say that if he had kids.

Samantha Ferreira: He does. Also, those old people were just totally making JoJo poses

Still from Zombie Land Saga Episode 9, which features a bald old man giving a "just bring it" hand gesture.

Anthony Simpson: I was half expecting it was me Dio to come out of one of the old people’s mouths

Samantha Ferreira: “We shall dance now…. Oraoraoraora!”

Aniwho, any final thoughts this week?

Anthony Simpson: Nothing from me

L.B. Bryant: Nothing from me

Still from Zombie Land Saga Episode 9, which features Saki and a purple-haired woman. Both are wearing heavy red coats as they ride glittery motorcycles

Samantha Ferreira: Sounds good. Til next time, then, remember. If you’re going to go on a death-defying game of chicken that DOESN’T defy death, make sure that your girlfriend holds your Tamagotchi for you. Just in case.

Have a great night!

Anthony Simpson: Good night

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