The hallways of the Hynes Convention center were buzzing with activity by mid-morning on Friday, as thousands of eager fans began to wander the venue’s spacious hallways. By the evening, the building was packed with eager fans, who were clad in badges that dangled from HIDIVE badges bearing the image of Lupin III.

There was an unmistakable energy that crackled through the air, as old friends caught up with each other, and new acquaintances were made across the event. Their eyes glimmered with excitement, as the familiar sparks of joy coursed through every corner of the event.

As with previous years, Anime Boston 2022 saw thousands of cosplayers wandering its halls, as they elevated their adoration of anime and games to a new level. From Spy x Family, to ODDTAXI, it seemed as if every show had its own champions wandering the floor. Much like with Otakon, though, I had to remark on the creativity that fans displayed regarding the event’s mask mandate. The inventive implementation of masks into their costumes was impressive, to say the least.

I’d like to extend my deepest thanks to everybody featured in this segment. You’re all amazing, and Anime Boston wouldn’t be the same without you.