Hello there, I’m MJ Warren, a writer for Anime Herald since 2015. I’ve also been doing a bit of informal anime reviewing and blogging since 2011. I see myself as a humble, mild-mannered (if a little eccentric) professor when it comes to anime and manga, having my own particularly eclectic tastes when it comes to what I watch and read.

Well, I must say my introduction to anime was haphazard, as I quite literally stumbled into the strange, weird but nonetheless this fascinating media realm. I have vague memories of watching part of Sailor Moon on original US broadcast but I did watch Pokémon, Digimon and the like airing on Saturday morning cartoon blocks back in the day but at the time I didn’t know it was anime. But it was around 2003-04 when I got introduced to anime proper with shows like Fullmetal Alchemist, Read or Die (OVA and TV)…. and Neon Genesis Evangelion, of all things, heh. What a mind trip. But it got me hooked and interested in watching more. After 15 years, I have a wide variety of series and movies under my belt, which provide me with a uniquely interesting insight and wide-berth perspective about anime. For more on that, check out this piece I wrote last year.

I got into writing about anime partially due to needing something to pass the time. I figured “why not do something more engaging and active with one of my favorite pastimes,” then just went and did it. What I have found over the years is that to truly appreciate anime and manga, one must take it on actively and to do so with a positive attitude. Cynicism is something that’s become a trend in online reviewing that I tend to avoid, unless it’s for a series or movie that I have major issues with it (cough cough War on Geminar cough cough).

But anyway, when not watching anime or reading manga, I also like to read books on geography and history (I own at least 4 different atlases and I collect books on the subjects). In addition, being in the countryside of western Georgia USA, I do partake in nice long walks, and partake of the nice scenery. Oh yeah, and my day job involves working as a night shift floor clerk at a local warehouse company. The hours can be long but, hey, it pays the bills and it’s the honest work surely.