Interview With ASAKA
Location: Anime Boston 2018
Interview Date: 3/31/2018

Asaka was kind enough to talk to a group of outlets. The first question that arose focused on how she decided to enter the music industry:

“I attended an international school. When I was thirteen, my teacher said I was talented and that I should consider a career in music. Unfortunately, he passed away last year.” -Asaka

I asked whether she has an album planned.

“I have no plans for an album at the moment. I have a new ED coming out in July. I would love to do an album.” -Asaka

I’m going to go out of chronological order in this case, and note that later in the interview Asaka said that her goal was to have an album come out in 2019 or 2020. She added:

“I would like to produce an album that I could look back [at] in a decade, and say ‘this portrayed [the young Asaka]’. -Asaka

She added that she would love to produce an album in English as well.

The following question shifted the topic to her views on anisongs, and if they’ve changed after entering the industry.

“My listening experience has changed. Now, when I hear an anisong I put myself in their position and imagine how I would sing it.” -Asaka

The next question was about Play the Game, her song that was used as the Occultic Nine opening theme. Asaka shared that is was a new experience for her.

“I had already done the ED (Open Your Eyes), but this was my first time singing an OP.” -Asaka

When asked about her inspirations, Asaka singled out May’n and her work in Macross Frontier.

“I met May’n three years ago. I’m not sure she remembers me. I’d love to meet her again as an anisong singer.” -Asaka

Asaka was asked about her current musical tastes, and if they included the Jackson Five (A reference to the beginning of Shiny Days, which opens about as “Jackson Five” as a song can):

“Listening to songs in Japanese resonates most with me, but I listen to a variety of music. I’m not part of the Jackson Five generation, though. It took some work to mimic the American syllables.” -Asaka

(Editor’s Note: I think the translator might have missed something here, as Asaka talked a bit about how she listened to the Jackson Five, but I didn’t catch all of it myself).

I took a moment to ask Asaka about her current tastes in games and anime.

“I like horror games… Five Nights at Freddy’s, Outlast, Outbreak, Biohazard (Resident Evil in the west). For anime… Gintama, Attack on Titan.” -Asaka

Career-wise she stated that anime songs are her passion, but that she might consider acting, especially if she got an American offer. She followed up noting that, in particular, she’d enjoy being a horror actress.

When questioned about what anime more people should watch, Asaka had to think a bit. She suggested the Junji Ito Collection.

She closed, saying that it felt great to be back in America (she spent five years in Michigan when she was young). Returning as a singer was special for her.

“I’d love to do more solo concerts, and for anisong to become more popular in America.” -Asaka

Special thanks to Asaka for speaking with us. Thanks to Anime Boston for providing this opportunity.