Interview With Jane Zei
Location: Anime NYC 2018
Interview Date: 11/17/2018

Interview with Jane Zei

I was able to grab a brief interview with Jane Zei, better known as Pigeon Jane, at Anime NYC.

Things I learned:

  • She’s a huge fan of the work of Rumiko Takahashi.
  • Mermaid Saga is a particular favorite.
  • She’s also a fan of One Piece.
  • Genjicat was inspired by her roommate’s cat:

“He was the neediest, coldest cat. I had a love/hate relationship with him. He had severe food anxiety, which I empathize with.” -Jane Zei

  • Genjicat was meant to be a one shot.
  • Her family doesn’t really know about her Pigeon Jane comics:

“They wouldn’t really understand.” -Jane Zei

  • The comics are 80% based off of real life, 20% exaggeration.
  • She loves her Patreon backers, but she feels tremendous guilt when she’s too busy to do extra for them when she’s already dealing with two comics plus her day job.

(Editor’s Note: On the plus side, they’ve received some cool stuff)

  • She had a blast at Anime NYC.
  • She created Pigeon Jane because she was bored of the usual comics.

Some of my favorites from The Pigeon Gazette:





Some thoughts on con life

and from Genjicat:

Bonus Mercycat”

Also, let me close with a link to my all-time favorite. Enjoy!

The Pigeon Gazette can be found on your social media of choice:

And at its home base, The Pigeon Gazette

Thanks to Jane for speaking with us at Anime NYC.