Interview With Nobuhiro Takenaka
Location: Anime Expo 2018
Interview Date: 7/6/2018

ZOMBIE LAND SAGA has been in the works for four years:

“We’re still deciding how we want to show it.” -Nobuhiro Takenaka

All we know for sure right now is that “The world will be saved by the dead.”

For an anime set to debut in Autumn, the team is playing its cards very close to the vest:

“We’re keeping the details under wraps.” -Nobuhiro Takenaka

He did share what it’s about, sort of:

“It’s an anime about living. What makes zombies and humans different?” -Nobuhiro Takenaka

He added:

“It’s not horror. It’s about human stories.” -Nobuhiro Takenaka

I was curious as to how he got his start:

“Just after university, my first job was making anime products.” -Nobuhiro Takenaka

He followed:

“I made my own short films. One of the good things about the industry is that producers can make stuff when they’re young.” -Nobuhiro Takena

As for his inspiration:

“I watched a lot of movies growing up.” -Nobuhiro Takenaka

In terms of the Cygames-MAPPA relationship:

“Cygames and MAPPA are very close. We want to grow together.” -Nobuhiro Takenaka

“We’re currently negotiating the global release rights for ZOMBIE LAND SAGA.” -Nobuhiro Takenaka

Zombie Land Saga LogoHe spoke about the creative process:

“When I see a game, I always react ‘how can I turn this into a movie?’” -Nobuhiro Takenaka

“I come from a film background. My job is organizing the teams making the product.”

“In games, the stories sustain the game structure. We have to start from scratch. It’s a different storytelling cycle.” -Nobuhiro Takenaka

Uma Musume Pretty Derby started out as a demo of young girls running.” -Nobuhiro Takenaka

Circling back to ZOMBIE LAND SAGA:

“Otsuka-san of MAPPA had the idea and a clear vision.” -Nobuhiro Takenaka

“It took four years to find a team that understood our vision. As the project has gone on, it’s grown legs.” -Nobuhiro Takenaka

Uma Musume Pretty Derby Visual

Nobuhiro Takenaka served as Executive Producer on the UmaMusme Pretty Derby anime project.

In specific terms of what that vision is:

“Humanize zombies.” -Nobuhiro Takenaka

He added:

“We’re still working on it.” -Nobuhiro Takenaka

Finally, I asked about his personal anime interests:

“I get bored easily. I like Ghibli (shrugs).” -Nobuhiro Takenaka

The final thing he wanted to share:

“Cygames, MAPPA, and Avex Pictures are all united in our vision for this project, and we are looking forward to bringing it to you.”

Special thanks to Cygames, Nobuhiro Takenaka and David McCarthy for making this interview possible.