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Aniplex of America launched the English-language website for Blend-S, which premieres on October 7. In addition, the publisher offered more details on their upcoming collaboration with Café Dulce.

Aniplex will partner with Café Dulce, who will offer commemorative Blend-S donuts to the first customers who prove that they liked the Blend-S Facebook page. Guests will also receive a special coaster and poster with the purchase of a beverage if they show they liked the Blend-S Facebook page. Details on the promotion’s date have yet to be announced.


October 1, 2017

Aniplex of America Launches Official Site for Super Kawaii Working Comedy BLEND-S Plus More Details on Collaboration Café Event



BLEND-S site officially open for business
plus more details on collaboration event with Café Dulce!

SANTA MONICA, CA (September 22, 2017) – Aniplex of America has officially launched the English site for fall working comedy, BLEND-S, featuring the second promotional video. The anime, which features the tagline “Everything’s a treat – even being stomped on” is based on Miyuki Nakayama’s popular 4-panel manga series by the same name. BLEND-S features a colorful cast of characters working at Café Stile, where the waitresses must play a specific typecast role. These include familiar female anime archetypes such as the tsundereidollittle sister (or imouto) and the super sadist, known as do-S. Produced by the acclaimed studio A-1 Pictures (Sword Art Online, anohana~The Flower We Saw That Day~)BLEND-S has signed on Yosuke Okuda (High School Fleet) for Character Designer and Ryoji Masuyama (Gurren LagannOccultic;Nine) as Director. BLEND-S is scheduled to premiere on October 7th.

The newly launched site features a character page highlighting the characters within the anime. In addition to the 3 main characters Maika (super sadist), Kaho (tsundere), and Mafuyu (imouto), visitors to the site will get a first glimpse of the other staff at Café Stile including Miu (oneesan), Hideri (idol), Dino (manager), and Koyo (kitchen). The second PV features BLEND-S’ opening theme song titled “Bon Appéti~t©S” sung by the 3 main voice cast members (Azumi Waki, Akari Kito, and Anzu Haruno), who make up the girl group “Blend × A” (pronounced Blend Ace).

To commemorate the premiere of BLEND-S, Aniplex of America will be partnering with Café Dulce in Little Tokyo (Los Angeles, CA) for a collaboration event where they will be giving away special collaborative donuts to the first 50 customers who show that they like the BLEND-S Facebook page at Café Dulce. Guests will also receive a commemorative BLEND-S x Café Dulce collaboration coaster and mini-poster with purchase of any beverage and they show they like the BLEND-S Facebook page. More details will follow on the official BLEND-S Facebook page at:


Maika Sakuranomiya (Super Sadist)
She was concerned with her evil glare that kept her from getting a part-time job, but with the manager’s invite, begins working at Stile. Her dream is to go on an overseas exchange program.

Kaho Hinata (Tsundere)
This high school waitress is popular for her blond twin tails and her nice figure. Despite her looks, she loves video games so much, sometimes even running out of money.

Mafuyu Hoshikawa (Imouto)
She looks young, but is actually a college student. She is normally calm, but transforms into an upbeat little-sister-type during work. Loves kids anime.

Miu Amano (Oneesan)
Normally wears glasses and draws her own manga. She plays the gentle big-sister-type, but is surprisingly outgoing outside of her role.

Hideri Kanzaki (Idol)
A tomboyish girl whose dream is to become an idol. She looks like a doll, but actually…?

Dino (Manager)
The Italian café manager, who scouted Maika to work at Stile. He tends to get nosebleeds when he gets excited.

Koyo Akizuki (Kitchen)
Runs the kitchen at Stile. Likes yuri, finding girls’ relationships mysterious and fascinating.

BLEND-S Introduction:

Everything’s a treat – even being stomped on – in this outrageous working comedy!

At Café Stile, tsundere and imouto (or little sister type) are only a few of the characters the café waitresses must act out. Much to her surprise, new hire, Maika, is asked by the café manager to take on the role of the super sadist?! As she works hard at her new job, she unexpectedly flourishes as a super sadist and…

BLEND-S Official Site:

BLEND-S Official Facebook Page:


Director: Ryoji Masuyama
Original Story: “Blend-S” by Miyuki Nakayama (Houbunsha ‘Manga Time Kirara Carat’)
Series Composition: Go Zappa
Character Design: Yosuke Okuda
Chief Animation Director: Yosuke Okuda / Takahiro Sasaki / Mio Inoguchi
Prop Design: Mio Inoguchi / Yosuke Aburaya
Art Setting: Kaoru Aoki
Art Director: Megumi Kato
Color Setting: Mayu Morita
Director of Photography: Toshiaki Aoshima
Music: Tomoki Kikuya
Sound Director: Yukio Nagasaki
Animation Production: A-1 Pictures

Maika Sakuranomiya: Azumi Waki

Kaho Hinata: Akari Kito

Mafuyu Hoshikawa: Anzu Haruno

Miu Amano: Atsumi Tanezaki

Hideri Kanzaki: Sora Tokui

Dino: Tomoaki Maeno

Koyo Akizuki: Tatsuhisa Suzuki

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