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Aniplex of America announced that they will release Servant x Service on DVD. The set will ship with a 24-page booklet that includes original four-panel manga strips by series creator Karino Takatsu.

Pre-orders for Servant x Service open on March 24, 2014. The title will hit retailers on May 27, 2014 with a suggested price of $74.98.

Aniplex of America to Release SERVANT×SERVICE in a Complete DVD Set



*Artwork subject to change

If you thought a job as a government employee was dull then you better think again!

SANTA MONICA, CA (March 22, 2014) –Aniplex of America announced at their industry panel at Anime Boston about their plans to release their laugh-out-loud office comedy anime series, SERVANT × SERVICE, in a Complete DVD Set on May 27th 2014. If you thought a job at a government ward office would be dull then you’ve never met Lucy Yamagami and her more than eccentric co-workers from SERVANT × SERVICE! Originally created by manga artist, Karino Takatsu (WAGNARIA!!), and produced by the highly acclaimed studio, A-1 Pictures (Sword Art Online, Oreimo 2, Blue Exorcist), SERVANT × SERVICE will definitely help to pep up a slow day at the daily grind.

The Complete DVD Set for SERVANT × SERVICE will be available for pre-order through and Aniplex’s official retailers ( starting on Monday March 24th 2014. The set will feature the entire series on 3 DVDs with the original Japanese audio and English subtitles. The set will also feature bonuses any fan of SERVANT × SERVICE will enjoy including both the textless opening and ending sequences, an o-sleeve featuring the key visual art, a 2-sided reversible cover, and a 24-page booklet including original four-frame manga strips by the author, Karino Takatsu, called the “Special Public Documents.”

The SERVANT × SERVICE Complete DVD Set will be distributed in limited quantities and will be sold only while supplies last.

SERVANT × SERVICE Complete DVD Set features:

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*Artwork subject to change


l 3 DVD Discs

l Episodes 1-13 (TRT: 325 min)

l Video: 16:9, Widescreen

l Audio: Japanese

l Subtitles: English


Bonus Contents

l Textless Opening

l Textless Ending

l Special Public Documents (24-page Booklet including Four-frame Manga Strips!)

l O-Sleeve with Key Visual Art

l 2-Sided Reversible Cover

*Bonus contents and materials subject to change


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Product number and UPC bar code

Title Street Date SKU # UPC SRP Store
SERVANT × SERVICE 5/27/2014 AOA-4201 850527003790 $74.98 $59.98
Complete DVD Set


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Lucy (abbrev.) Yamagami is a newly-hired civil servant who has been assigned to work in a certain government ward office in a certain city in Hokkaido Prefecture. Not only does Lucy have so many things to learn at her new job, she needs to do all of that in the company of her colleagues who are all more than a little eccentric. If you thought a job as a government employee was dull then you better think again! SERVANT × SERVICE is a workplace comedy about how Lucy and her colleagues, actively and covertly (?!) serve their community every day!

*This story has no connection to actual public officials.

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