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Earlier today, Kenji Studio and Awesome Japan’s KickStarter drive for Coluboccoro passed its funding goal of $38,000. To celebrate the milestone, Kenji Studio released a three-minute preview of the film, which you can check out below:

Coluboccoro Header 001 - 20150401April 21, 2015



Starring Emiri Katō in an Anime Innovation Tokyo selection — Coluboccoro has broken the project goal of $38,000 on Kickstarter to produce the English language version.

KENJI STUDIO, Inc. (CEO Kenji Itoso), in cooperation with AWESOME JAPAN, Inc. (CEO Taichi Konno) have successfully reached the funding goal on the Kickstarter project on to produce the English language version of the award winning film, Coluboccoro.

To celebrate the successful funding of the project, a preview including the first few minutes of the film will be released.

Coluboccoro You Tube preview link:

From the creator of Santa Company, director and producer Kenji Itoso has won much acclaim for his film Coluboccoro, including being supported by Anime Innovation Tokyo, selected for the Eco Japan Cup 2007 semi Grand Prix and won the Business Award from the Tokyo Anime Awards in 2008.

Now that the project has reached its goal to translate and localize the film, the project hopes to top $100,000 to add additional footage and bring the run time to 30 minutes from the original 22 minutes.

Direction & Script by Kenji Itoso

Producted by KENJI STUDIO, Inc.

Starring Emiri Katō and Kōki Miyata

Project URL:

Project Length: 30 days (10 days left on Kickstarter)

Project funding as of April 21, 2015: $38,428