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HIDIVE announced that they will stream Release The Spyce as part of their Fall 2018 simulcast lineup. The series will launch on October 6, at 18:38 UTC (2:38PM EDT) for subscribers in the United States, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Latin America, and other select territories.



“RELEASE THE SPYCE” Joins HIDIVE’s Fall 2018 Simulcast Lineup

HOUSTON, TX, October 1, 2018 – HIDIVE announced today that it acquired exclusive streaming rights to RELEASE THE SPYCE for subscribers in the USA, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Latin America and other select territories. HIDIVE members can watch the premiere on October 6 at 18:38 UTC and catch new episodes every Saturday.

Series Description:

The quiet and shy Momo goes about her days going to high school and keeping to herself but the members of Tsukikage, a private intelligence agency, she’s their newest recruit. She’s learning to hone her skills to fight against a global crime organization under the guidance of senior member Yuki. To prove herself, Momo undergoes several intense training scenarios and missions. With each victory, her confidence and skill grow but it takes more than that to help keep the world safe.

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