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Idol group Kirameki☆Anforen announced that their debut single, Unmei √ Big Bang Genei ★ Galactica, reached second place on the Oricon Daily Chart for April 3, 2017.

To celebrate the achievement, the group released a music video for the song on YouTube.


Kirameki☆Anforen Reaches Number Two Spot on Oricon Daily Chart! 

Unmei√Big Bang Music Video Released!

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Kirameki☆Anforent (also known colloquially as Kirafore’s) (5-girl idol unit based in Nagoya popular in the Tokai Region) very first single, “Unmei √ Big Bang Genei ★ Galactica reached the number two spot on the Oricon Daily Chart on April 3.

In conjunction with the Chart placement, the music video for Unmei √ Big Bang was released on YouTube:

Furthermore, the music video for A-side Genei ★ Galactica, released on March 28th, has garnered much press due to the presence of the attention-grabbing mysterious gentleman.

The video starts with a few simple dance shots, but then a mysterious figure with impeccable dance moves enters the scene. The identity of the mysterious dancing figure? ParcManther 3, rapper of Nanshiki Globe ‘13. ParcManther made his big break on TBS’s variety show segment, B-RAP HIGH SCHOOL as part of the “nanshiki globe” duo. In 2013, he rebranded as ParcManther 3. He has since been featured in large-scale events such as Rockin’ Japan, Niconico Cho-Kaigi, Moshimo Nippon, and alongside EXILE, and in the music video for UP UP GIRLS’ “Pearly People Alien”.

Kirafore member Matsui Rana will be on air on her new program, “Rana ga yaru nara” (play on words translating to both “As Rana Does It”and “As Rana does Nara Prefecture” in which she introduces her hometown Nara Prefecture. The program will air on TVN Nara every Tuesday from 1:25 am from April 4 (Tues). You can also check it out on Nara TV’s YouTube channel at the link below.

Kirameki☆Anforent is becoming a force to be reckoned with.

【First Single, Unmei √ Big Bang Eikyou ★ Galactica】

■On Sale: April 4 (Tues)

■Label: cafe au records(♭)

■Three versions available

・Regular ¥1,000

1. Unmei√Big Bang

2. Genei★Galactica

3. Unmei√Big Bang(instrumental)

4. Genei★Galactica(instrumental)

・Version A ¥1,200

1. Unmei√Big Bang

2. Genei★Galactica

3. Nagareboshi☆Romantica

4. Unmei√Big Bang(instrumental)

5. Genei★Galactica(instrumental)

6. Nagareboshi☆Romantica (instrumental)

・Version B ¥1,200

  1. Unmei√Big Bang
  2. Genei★Galactica

3. Yuki no Kakera*

4. Unmei√Big Bang (instrumental)

  1. Genei★Galactica(instrumental)
  2. Yuki no Kakera* (instrumental)

【5/5 (Fri – National Holiday) Kirameki☆Anforent 2nd Live Show, LIVE-UNMEI √BIG BANG】

■Time:Doors open 11:15, Show Starts 12:00

■Venue:Nagoya CLUB QUATTRO

■Price:Standing Room Only

・Priority Entry Tickets ¥5,000 (online only)

・Regular ¥2,000

・Student (High school or younger) ¥1,000

・Ladies ¥1,000 (ladies-only area available)

※ ¥500 drink not included

■ Available at ticket agencies


■Sponsored by: TOY Planet* / Cafe&Bar Oh!ng★

■Questions: Nagoya CLUB QUATTRO 052-264-8211

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