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J-Novel Club announced that they licensed Ichirou Sakaki (Scrapped Princess, Chaika, The Coffin Princess) and illustrator Tera Akai’s Bluesteel Blasphemer light novels. The first 40 pages are available to all users, and the first half of the first volume is available to subscribers as of press time.

The first collected eBook volume will hit online retailers starting May 13.

To be released: March 25th, 2017

J-Novel Club Announces the Licensing of Ichirou Sakaki’s “Bluesteel Blasphemer” Light Novel Series

From the author of Scrapped Princess, Chaika, and Outbreak Company!

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS – March 25th, 2017 – J-Novel Club LLC is proud to announce the acquisition of a hit light novel series from Hobby Japan, “Bluesteel Blasphemer”. This series is available immediately on, with a free 40 page preview and half of the first volume available for J-Novel Club Members.

“Bluesteel Blasphemer” is from the legendary light novel author Ichirou Sakaki, who has written many, many hit light novel series over the years like “Chaika, The Coffin Princess”, “Outbreak Company”, and “Scrapped Princess”, to name just a few! J-Novel Club will be releasing the series in weekly installments for J-Novel Club Members, and then will be publishing the first e-book on services including Amazon, Kobo, Nook, iBooks, and BookWalker on May 13th.

J-Novel Club Membership is only $4.50 a month for an annual membership, and gives you a new chapter a week from all 8 of our ongoing series, including “Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest”, “Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash”, “The Faraway Paladin”, “In Another World With My Smartphone”, “Mixed Bathing in Another Dimension”, “How a Realistic Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom”, “Paying to Win in a VRMMO”, “I Saved Too Many Girls and Caused the Apocalypse”, “My Little Sister Can Read Kanji”, and “My Big Sister Lives in a Fantasy World”.

Announced Title List:

Bluesteel Blasphemer by Ichirou Sakaki, Illustrations by Tera Akai

蒼鋼の冒涜者<ブルースチール・ブラスフェマ> Worldwide English Digital Rights

Yukinari Amano loves guns. After reincarnating into another world, the young man goes on a journey with Dasa, the younger sister of the girl who gave him a second life. However, while on the road, the pair are attacked by a local deity—an “erdgod.” No normal person could possibly defeat one—so when Yukinari uses his knowledge of guns and newfound abilities to do the impossible, he becomes worshipped as the area’s new god himself!

Get ready for an alternate-reality, gun-and-sword-filled, action-packed adventure!