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The Castle Point Anime Convention announced that voice actor Josh Grelle will attend this year’s convention as a guest. Grelle has played numerous notable roles, including Armin in Attack on TitanThe Devil is a Part-Timer!, and Byakuya Togami in Danganronpa: The Animation.

This year’s Castle Point Anime Convention will be held on the campus of Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, New Jersey.

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Josh Grelle Headshot 001 - 20160311HOBOKEN, NEW JERSEY – February 14, 2016 – CPAC will be featuring voice actor Josh Grelle. Josh is known for his work in The Devil is a Part-Timer (Sadao Maou), Baka and Test (Akihsa
Yoshii), Hetalia (Lithuania), Soul Eater (Ox Ford), Attack on Titan (Armin Arlert), and Dangan Ronpa: The Animation (Byakuya Togami), among others. As a native Texan, Grelle has been working professionally in voice-over since 2004. He has voiced numerous projects for many different studios, including Warner Bros. Studios, Sony Entertainment, ADV Films, FUNimation Entertainment, Okratron 5000, 343 Industries, and Gearbox. He also has a number of video game roles including the voice of Dave in the game Borderlands 2 and Sima Shi in Dynasty Warriors.

ABOUT CASTLE POINT ANIME: The Castle Point Anime Convention is a student-run Japanese animation and media convention in Hoboken, NJ. Founded in 2008, the purpose of the convention is to provide quality programming and social opportunities for anime and manga fans, while also providing event management and industry relations experience to our staff. CPAC is organized and operated by the Stevens Anime Club, a student organization under the Student Government Association at the Stevens Institute of Technology. It is run almost entirely by undergraduate university students, with some assistance from graduates and alumni. Last year, the convention drew in almost 4000 attendees. Pre-registration for attendees, press applications, and panel applications are currently open, with forms located on the CPAC website.

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