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Maiden Japan announced that they will release Space Runaway Ideon in high definition. The publisher has cancelled all standard edition pre-orders, and will offer refunds to those who pre-paid for their orders. A new release date will be announced by SXION 23 at a later date.

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Explore the Andromeda Galaxy in the High Definition Release of “Space Runaway Ideon”

HOUSTON TX, October 23, 2018 – Maiden Japan announced today that it will now release the Space Runaway Ideon Complete Collection in high definition and has canceled the standard edition pre-orders. Fans who have already pre-ordered the classic space epic will receive a full refund of their purchase.

“After listening to our fans’ concerns, we promptly began investigating the possibility of high definition materials,” said Matt Greenfield, owner and president of Maiden Japan. “Maiden Japan is always committed to releasing the highest quality product that is currently available to us.”

SXION 23 will announce the new release date for Space Runaway Ideon.

About Maiden Japan:
Maiden Japan is dedicated to bringing the very best in Japanese animation to the English-speaking world. From critically acclaimed masterpieces like THE ROYAL SPACE FORCE and MOBILE POLICE PATLABOR, to key works by the “who’s who” of creators that includes Hideaki Anno, Mamoru Oshii, Masamune Shirow, Studio CLAMP, and Yoshiyuki Tomino. With the addition of newer gems such as TOKYO MAGNITUDE 8.0DEN-NOH COIL and MOMO: GIRL GOD OF DEATH, the company’s growing catalog of products is available in North America on Blu-ray and DVD, and digitally via HIDIVE, iTunes, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, Anime Network, PlayStation Network, YouTube and other top digital providers.