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Before I begin in earnest, watch this video:

OK, now watch this one. (Trust me, none of them are very long).

I love that shot 30 seconds in, but I digress. Next up…

You’d watch that drama, right? Full credit to KREVA for his artistic taste. Just a few more videos to go:

I think she misses someone…

Yep. I’d definitely watch this show. Now, let’s get to the official press release. But first, A brief review of the tracks:

I Miss You (Track 1): A warm and charming song. It works well as the opener, given what’s coming up.

This is Love (Track 2): Somewhat reminiscent of’s MC Itsuka. For those of you unfamiliar with, that’s fairly high praise. This is Love shows off Manami’s growth as an artist.

Tsumetaku Shinaide (No Cold Shoulder, Track 3): Excellent hook. This track is the most remixable of the four.

No (Track 4): This EP kind of sounded like a mix of Sade and Thievery Corporation to me. No would have fit in well on a Sade album.

Overall, it was an intriguing release and I’d look forward to her debut album.

It’s worth checking out Konishi’s blog for some of the fashion photography. Her official website covers more of her film work.

Also, full credit to elements ltd. For this masterpiece.

I Miss You is available on iTunes and Amazon.

Manami Konishi releases her debut EP, “I miss you” on October 7th, 2017

One of the Top Actresses in Japan, Manami Konishi has started a musical metamorphosis with her own lyrics and original melody. Although Manami is most recognized for her acting and became a household name, she is going to unleash her musical talent by collaboration with Japan’s #1 Rap Star – KREVA.

From March to April 2016, Manami had performed for KREVA’s Hip Hop Musical, Saikou Wa Hitotsu Jyanai (Your Best is More Than One) 2016 SAKURA and she covered one of KREVA’s master pieces, “Tranquilizer”. She later recorded the song and released it on iTunes as a debut single, where it charted No.1 as a Hip Hop/Rap song.

Following up this surprising chart success, Manami recorded 4 track EP titled I miss you” with KREVA and will release it worldwide on October 7th (presale for iTunes/Apple Music only on Sept 23rd). It opens with a slow jam and the title track, “I miss you” followed by KREVA’s bouncy EDM signature beat with Manami’s visceral rap flow, “This is love”, a light hearted pop tune, “Tsumetaku Shinaide” (No Cold Shoulder, Please..) and closes with an airy intimate love song, “NO”.

With the rap legend KREVA on her side, Manami will be a force to be reckoned with and bring a fresh breeze to her fans all over the world.

“I made these songs with straight forward feeling” says Manami and it shows her unique character that is so pure and innocent, but sometimes mysterious.

EP Title:              “I miss you”

Track 1:              “I miss you”

Track 2:               “This is love”

Track 3:              “Tsumetaku Shinaide” (No Cold Shoulder, Please..)

Track 4:               “No”

iTunes Presale starts on Sept 23rd

Video Teaser on YouTube:

Official Website:              

Official Blog: