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Aniplex of America announced that they will stream Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs on Crunchyroll. The series will launch on July 14, at 9:00AM Pacific (Noon Eastern).

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                     June 20, 2018

Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs Premiering on Crunchyroll This July!


A slightly sexy hot springs and ghost love comedy!

SANTA MONICA, CA (June 20, 2018) – On the Aniplex Live! show on Facebook, Aniplex of America announced that the hilarious and sexy love comedy, Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs, will be premiering on Crunchyroll, the world’s largest destination for anime and manga in the world, this summer. Based on a popular manga by Tadahiro Miura and published by SHUEISHA, the supernatural series centers around a psychic Kogarashi Fuyuzora who is curiously described as being very “hands on.” Through a series of unfortunate events, he finds himself in need of a cheap room to rent and finds one at a hot springs inn with some ghostly residents called the Yuragi Inn. Voiced by popular voice actor Yuki Ono from GRANBLUE FANTASY The Animation and VALVRAVE the Liberator, Kogarashi encounters a voluptuous ghost named Yuuna, voiced by newcomer Miyuri Shimabukuro in her breakout role. Other cast members include Eri Suzuki

(Monster Strike the Animation, Nanana’s Buried Treasure), Rie Takahashi (Fate/Grand Order – First Order-, KonoSuba –God’s blessing on this wonderful world!), Ai Kakuma (ALDNOAH.ZERO, The Asterisk War), Mikako Komatsu, (Eromanga Sensei, Nisekoi), and Anzu Haruno from BLEND-S. The series will be directed by Tsuyoshi Nagasawa (Kyo no Gononi, Nyaruko: Crawling With Love!) with character design by Kyoko Taketani (Pókemon the Movie:

Black –Victini and Reshiram, Oreca Battle). Animation production will be handled by XEBEC

(Love Hina, BanG Dream!, To Love-Ru) featuring music by Tomoki Kikuya of Nisekoi, BLENDS, and Eromanga Sensei fame. Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs premieres Saturday July 14th at 9:00AM PDT on Crunchyroll.


Kogarashi Fuyuzora

VA: Yuki Ono

Room 204

A highschooler and a “hands on” psychic.

Thanks to having been possessed by various ghosts, he has special abilities.

Yuuna Yunohana

VA: Miyuri Shimabukuro Room 204

A ghost of a high school girl at Yuragi Inn.

When she is embarrassed, her powers acts up “poltergeist-y.”

Chisaki Miyazaki

VA: Eri Suzuki

Kogarashi’s classmate with idol-tier beauty.

She has a tendency for slightly racy delusions.

Sagiri Ameno

VA: Rie Takahashi

Hails from a Demon-Slaying Ninja Clan.

She turns out to be extremely shy.

Nonko Arahabaki

VA: Ai Kakuma Room 201

A sexy lady, who is always drinking alcohol.

A descendant of Shuten-Douji, a mythical demon leader who loved to drink.

Yaya Fushiguro

VA: Yui Ogura

Room 203

With a cat-like personality, she always looks sleepy.

Loved by a cat spirit, and has cat ears and a cat tail.

Chitose Nakai

VA: Sayaka Harada

Manager’s Room

Despite her childlike looks, she is actually the oldest household deity. She has the ability to manipulate others’ luck.

About Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs:

Kogarashi Fuyuzora is a “hands on” psychic.

Ever since the day he got possessed by an evil ghost, he has been burdened with debt. Needing a cheap room to rent, he winds up at a haunted hot springs inn, Yuragi Inn, where only incredibly beautiful girls reside. Amongst the residents is a ghost, Yuuna, who cannot move on to the spirit world. Despite the resistance from the current tenants that are all girls, Kogarashi manages to start his new life at Yuragi Inn.

For more information on Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs, follow the official Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs USA Facebook page @YuunaUSA or please visit:



Original Story: Tadahiro Miura (SHUEISHA)

Director: Tsuyoshi Nagasawa

Character Design: Kyoko Taketani

Series Composition: Hideaki Koyasu

Sound Director: Jin Aketagawa

Music: Tomoki Kikuya

Animation Production: XEBEC



Kogarashi Fuyuzora: Yuki Ono

Yuuna Yunohana: Miyuri Shimabukuro

Chisaki Miyazaki: Eri Suzuki

Sagiri Ameno: Rie Takahashi

Nonko Arahabaki: Ai Kakuma

Yaya Fushiguro: Yui Ogura

Chitose Nakai: Sayaka Harada

Oboro Shintou: Mikako Komatsu

Koyuzu Shigaraki: Anzu Haruno


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