US Distributor: FUNimation
Production Studio: A.C.G.T
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Freezing Boxart - 20150428Do you enjoy near-future sci-fi shows where humanity comes under attack by vague, yet menacing alien forces? Do you like boobs? How about a lot of boobs? If you answered “yes” to any of these three questions, then Freezing is the show for you.

Freezing is set in an alternate universe, in a future not far from today. In this timeline, though, Earth was invaded by a malevolent alien force known as the Nova. Each day is a battle for survival, as humanity tries to reclaim its birthright from its oppressors.

To fight back, humanity began genetically modifying girls, so they can battle against the Nova. These special girls are known as Pandoras, and they are gifted with the ability to create something known as a “volt texture”. Volt textures are special, empowered clothing and weapons which are used to defeat a Pandora’s enemies. Each Pandora is partnered with a male assistant, known as a Limiter. Limiters use a power called “freezing”, which cuts down a Nova’s mobility and gives the Pandora an edge in combat.

Kazuya Aoi is a new enrollee at West Genetics, which is a special school for Pandoras and Limiters. The first day of classes is marked by a Battle Carnival that decides who stands supreme as a Limiter and a Pandora. During the conflict, he comes into contact with an unusual older girl named Bridgette L. Satellizer. Unbeknownst to Kazuya, Bridgette is the most gifted Pandora in school. She’s earned the nickname “The Untouchable Queen” amongst her peers, due to her combat skills and the fact that she has yet to choose a Limiter.

Freezing 002 - 20150428Since this is an anime series, Kazuya is drawn to her instantly, to the point that he decides to be her Limiter, despite the many dire warnings otherwise.

I have to admit that Freezing is good at what it does. When the plot begins to veer toward a gaping hole in logic, it’s filled with a set of boobs.

This means that, while there are hints at a greater plot, no real resolutions are given to the many questions raised throughout the series.

The series sports a strong visual presentation. Scenes burst with color as heroines speed through the air.The animation is clean, and the overall sense of speed is exhilarating. This level of polish is carried over to the action scenes. Pandora clothing is often torn away in fights, which allows the show’s well-detailed breast animations to really shine.

What’s most surprising to me, though, was the strength of the performance in the English dub. FUNimation did a great job with making the voices fit the roles of each character.  None of the actors’ voices seemed out-of-register for the characters, and the personalities and inflection were spot-on.

Admittedly the show’s plot is sorely lacking  with its generally nebulous,  description of why the Nova are trying to destroy humanity. By the time the series ends, viewers are left hanging, wanting to know more about the plot. Still, these gaping holes seem to disappear within moments of each episode’s beginning. The intense and sexualy charged combat scenes are the real centerpiece of the series, and generally eclipse the major faults in storytelling.  Fans of action and fan service need to look no farther than Freezing. This one’s definitely for you.