R1 Pubisher: Central Park Media
Producers: APPP, Soeishinsha, Studio A.P.P.P.
Original Release: 6/21/1986
US Release: 7/5/1991

What is it?

Project A-Ko is a Katsuhiko Nishijima (Najica Blitz Tactics, Agent Aika) film that featured character designs by Yuji Moriyama (Urusei Yatsura, Agent Aika). The film is a comedy anime set in the aftermath of an alien crash-landing on Earth.

Sixteen years after the disaster, the people of Graviton City managed to rebuild, and thrive as a bustling metropolis grew around the wreck. At Graviton High, Eiko “A-Ko” Magami, a superhuman student that’s the daughter of a “super man” and a “wonderful woman” (groan all you want – CPM first came up with that joke!), deals with a personal nemesis in rich genius Biko “B-Ko” Daitokuji. B-Ko has a bit of a crush on A-Ko’s ditzy blonde buddy Shiiko “C-Ko” Kotobuki. Unfortunately, B-Ko also sees A-Ko as a threat to her romantic conquest, so the only logical action is to get rid of the threat. The arguments are always catty, and the fights always end with the destruction of property. However, in the vacuum of space, a strange alien race bent on finding their lost princess approaches the planet. C-Ko is in their sights, and nobody knows just what will happen when they finally arrive.

Why Is It Important?

Project A-Ko is one of the first two titles released by Central Park Media, with the other being Dominion Tank Police. In addition, the film inspired an entire generation of girl-action/overkill style anime, such as Twinkle Heart and Katsugeki Shojo Tantei Dan.

Any Interesting Stories?

Project A-Ko was originally supposed to be part of the Cream Lemon series of adult anime. During production, the tone was shifted to something that would appeal to a mainstream audience. Only one segment from that original phase remains in the film: B-Ko’s private bath scene

The film’s music was primarily produced and composed by an American outfit. Joey Carbone and Richie Zito created the vast majority of the soundtrack, while Valerie Stevenson, Anne Livingston, and Samantha Newark provided vocals. Samantha Newark also provided the voice of Jem.

AnimEigo was actually given the first crack at the title in the US. The company was given the choice of Project A-Ko or MADOX. They decided to release MADOX because it was a cheaper, shorter title that they figured would be more approachable by non-fans.

On the DVD commentary, Yuji Moriyama notes that the scene where the aliens’ ship breaks off and explodes was inspired by the Challenger disaster.


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