As many of you know, I’ve dedicated the better part of the past week to covering the disasters that have rocked Japan. I do apologize about the fact that I’ve been focused on this, rather than the usual snarky industry commentary and reviews, but this is a tale that needs to be told. Once things calm down a bit, the blog will return to its normal routine. But I digress.

Tonight, I’d like to give a word of appreciation to Daniella Orihuela-Gruber of All About Manga, class-act and the driving force behind the Anime and Manga Bloggers for Japan Project. I’ll be hopping on board to participate in this, and have already made a donation to the movement.

I’ve decided to help out because, right now, Japan needs help. There’s a lot to rebuild, and losses in human life that are continually climbing. Every little bit that we donate will be a huge help in restoring the nation to its former glory. I’m hoping that you, dear reader, also pitch in because every little bit helps a huge amount.

As an anime fan, I feel a bit of an obligation, as well. This is a nation that has given us hundreds of anime titles, thousands of hours of entertainment, and countless memories. And I’d like to give something back. To help support the project, I’ll be donating ad-space to help promote things. A banner ad will be present on all pages for the duration of the run of the program.

I hope that you, dear reader, do show your support in this time of crisis. Thank you in advance.