It seems that at this time every year, the news dries up for about a week. Anime headlines and announcements are replaced by the spectacle of the Electronic Entertainment Expo. As the games industry struts its stuff, and publishers push their biggest upcoming titles, the entire world stops, and watches.Unfortunately, this also means that the editorial well dries up for a solid week, due to a lack of material.

Still, I look forward to E3. I’m a gaming enthusiast and a news hound. I enjoy reading the myriad of product announcements, press releases, and articles. At the same time, I adore poring over screen grabs and video feeds that come through the wire. Be it Nintendo’s promises of more Mario, or Konami’s promises of more Metal Gear, there is something for everybody to find interest in.

Perhaps, in the spirit of the week, I’ll do something a bit different in the next few days, as I put the final touches on this AniSpring review. I’ve not yet decided, but it may be a fun diversion to do a bit of gaming writing again, after all of these years.