The day off yesterday was something that I greatly needed. While I adore anime and manga, I must admit that it’s just nice to get away from it all once in a while. To get away from the notebook and just focus on having a day to recharge the batteries is a must, though it’s something I admit to not doing it quite enough.

Tomorrow, things will kick back to normal. News commentary and reviews will return, and I’d like to continue work in the Guide. The guide, as well, will not remain simply static. I do have a few plans to turn it into a more entertaining, more comprehensive resource that newcomers and long-time fans alike can enjoy.

This will all take work, though. Long, difficult hours of work and numerous revisions. I do hope that you enjoy what comes of this, dear reader, and look forward to the coming experiences. This will be a challenge – it will be difficult at times, as deadlines loom and mad dashes to finish ensue. However, I welcome the experience, and I hope that it leads to a satisfying product in the end.