Ask an average anime fan which period they’d call the “golden age”, and you’ll probably get a range of answers that range from the ’70s to today. Many will name a period that resonates most with them, be it when they entered the hobby, or when a particular favorite show hit the market.

For many years, the term “Golden Age” was used almost exclusively in regards to the ’80s. This was a time of huge stories, huge budgets, and huge spectacles. This was a period that gave birth to many shows that influenced a generation of fans, as well as a generation of viewers. Macross, Char’s Counterattack, Ranma 1/2, and Akira made their mark in this period. In addition, the era saw the birth of the OVA with Dallos in 1983.

Since the decade’s end, though, the market has changed, and the definition of “golden age” began to re-define itself. No longer does this term need to be pasted rigidly to one specific decade out of anime’s 95 year history. Instead, it can be debated, and discussed between friends and fans alike. Each era has its merits and its detractions. And, while some stand out more than others, it’s possible to make a case that nearly any point in time could be “the one.”

Tonight, I’d like to ask: What is your Golden Age, and why? What shows do you see as the standouts, or the titles that define this period?