Over the past year, I took on a personal challenge. I aimed to put out an article a day every single day for one year. While I haven’t exactly had 365 straight days of winners, I’d like to think that I’ve mostly achieved this goal. Unfortunately, tonight I must say that it will be my last consecutive night.

There’s not doubt that I’ve come to look forward to my nightly commentaries and essays. They’ve given me a much-needed outlet to vent frustrations, grievances, and commentary. However, as the year’s worn on, I’ve noticed a larger number of tossed pieces and works that I’m generally finding myself dissatisfied with more pieces in general.

So, for the near future, I’ll be making a minor adjustment to the publication schedule. On Saturdays and Mondays, I will not be posting an article. Instead, these will be off nights for me. I will still try to provide some content, but they will mainly be evenings for me to rest and recharge.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for reading, dear reader. Without you, there would be no Anime Herald. Thank you for your understanding, and have a great evening.