As we continue our search for the ideal story, it becomes increasingly apparent that the words of the contributors are the lifeblood of the narrative. It is your words that drive the direction and the tone of the project. As we head through the next few installment and venture toward our final product, your words will become every more important and more influential. And, as always, I want to thank those who have contributed, and those who will contribute. Every one of you is fantastic.

Tonight’s question is one that we’ve probably anwered a million times, in just as many ways. However, it is still something that must be both considered and discussed, if we would like to get a full perspective.

Tonight, I’d like to ask: Why do you enjoy anime?

It’s a simple question, and a fairly tired question. However, it’s one that cuts to the real heart of the matter. Everybody knows why they like anime… well, almost everybody. Some enjoy the storytelling, others like characters. Others still enjoy the art style, or the music. There are limitless answers to this particular query.

So, again, I’d like to return to the Good Doctor’s script: I’m listening. Why do you enjoy anime?