In September, Right Stuf released the Martian Successor Nadesico Complete Collection under their Nozomi Entertainment label. At the time of its release, Nadesico was the latest in the company’s line of upscale releases.

During a conversation with Right Stuf Director of Marketing Alison Roberts, it was mentioned that “internally, [the company] discussed shifting the focus of the Nozomi label to the limited editions that [they] (and the fans) consider its signature releases.” So, as Lucky Penny would become the company’s general workhorse brand, Nozomi would step up to provide the flash and sizzle that collectors would ideally crave.

We received the privilege of a review screener for Nadesico earlier this month. Since we received the whole package, I felt that it would be best if we take a closer look at the release.


The front cover of the box features a shot of Yuriko, Akito, and Ruri set against the emblem of the Nadesico. The sharp coloration of the shot is an attractive contrast to the starry void background. the back features a paper slip (affixed with a mild adhesive) that contans a brief summary and an overview of extra features included in the collection.

Each of the four thinpack cases in the box utilizes a single-sided cover with two large pieces of key art from the series. Inside each case (save the last) is a pair of discs, each using a scaled-down version of the art featured on the case.

Nadesico Teardown 001Nadesico Teardown 079Nadesico Teardown 004
Nadesico Teardown 005Nadesico Teardown 006Nadesico Teardown 007
Nadesico Teardown 008Nadesico Teardown 014Nadesico Teardown 016
Nadesico Teardown 017Nadesico Teardown 019Nadesico Teardown 022
Nadesico Teardown 024Nadesico Teardown 025Nadesico Teardown 026
Nadesico Teardown 050

Menu Structure

Note: Since the release has a consistent look & feel across most discs, I will only be covering the first and sixth discs. Further dissections would be redundant.

Upon booting each disc, viewers are greeted with a clean, simple layout. the core menu options are lain out on the left side of the screen, while a variation of the case’s cover art occupies the right. Each sub-menu is presented in a similar manner, with key art occupying the right side of the screen, as menu options are placed on the left. The scene selection menus substitute key art with screens from the relevant episodes. The show’s opening theme, You Get to Burning plays as background music in the main menu, and all sub-menus outside of the language selection.

Nadesico Menu 001Nadesico Menu 002Nadesico Menu 003
 Nadesico Menu 004

The sixth disc retains the core layout of the other discs in the set, though it uses a darker color scheme across the disc. In addition, the Chapter Select menu groups scenes in threes. Each chapter is lain out at the top of the menu (represented by a still), while chapter groups are presented beneath.

Nadesico Menu 005Nadesico Menu 006Nadesico Menu 007
Nadesico Menu 008


Aside from the standard clean opening, clean closing, and trailers, the Nozomi release of Nadesico features the following extras:

  • Television commercials
  • Theatrical trailers for Nadesico: The Prince of Darkness
  • Music Video: Dearest by Yumi Matsuzawa
  • Promotional Video: Dearest by Yumi Matsuzawa
  • Interview: Houko Kuwashima
  • Interview: Megumi Reinard
  • Interview: Minato Haruka
  • Interview: Akito Tenkawa
  • Interview: Tomokazu Seki
  • Interview: Omi Minami
  • Interview: Chisa Yokoyama

Video Presentation

Nadesico Teardown Screen 001Nadesico Teardown Screen 002Nadesico Teardown Screen 003
 Nadesico Teardown Screen 004


On the whole, Nadesico is an appealing release. The packaging is clean and stylish, and the presentation is consistently appealing. While the release doesn’t contain the copious printed goodies seen in titles like Dirty Pair or Utena, the on-disc interviews and archived promotional material are enough to satisfy many picky customers.