Nami ThinkingAs many of you know, Anime Boston is a scant two weeks away. Through Memorial Day weekend, thousands of eager fans will flood the streets of Boston surrounding the Hynes. Normally, at this time of year, I wax poetic about the joys of con season, and the slowdown of news that comes with the wait.

And, every year, I realize that this is little more than a holding pattern that most people will pass by without much thought.

While the sentiment is true, the post tends to arise because, quite honestly, news at this time of year is freaking boring. Barring a major reveal like, say, 2006’s hacking of ADV Films’s website or 2010’s 4Kids stock delisting, much of this time of year is a scramble to find something, anything to cover. Unfortunately, this leads to numerous dry, dull posts that seem to have little life behind them.

Rather than try to continue re-wrapping this sappy, sentimental yapping, I’d like to take a chance to actually engage you, dear readers, in discussions. I’d like to create content that inspires you to look further into how the hobby works. You deserve better than the average chatter, and I feel that I shouldn’t be content with just the status quo.

There are many anime sites out there, and I want to give you a reason to look forward visiting us, above all others.