Nami ThinkingAnime Herald has been around for just under three years at this point. Over 800 articles, reviews, and interviews have been posted, and tens of thousands of readers have passed through in some form or another. I’ve brought several members into the fold, and formed friendships that will last forever. As someone who loves talking about anime, the entire experience has been a dream come true for me.

However, I can’t help but find that I want to grow and evolve. I want to turn Anime Herald into something more. I want to grow and change, to become one of those places that you can’t not visit. I want to spread the word of anime, and I want to help others get involved in anime as a hobby. I want to help bring anime, as a medium, to the blue oceans that are ready and waiting for new experiences.

As we grow and change, I’ll be including all of you in some of the process. We’ve discussed how business decisions and marketing can affect an industry, but I’d like to show you how this works when we put everything into motion on a smaller scale. For obvious reasons, we’ll be unable to show every little thing that happens. However, I do hope to show a bit more than “just the broad strokes.”

Before we do any crazy expansions, heck, before we even begin making any expansions, we need to have a clear vision of where to go. We need to draw our own road map of the risks and opportunities that could await as we head toward the end result. We need to write exactly what we want, what we hope to achieve, and how we hope to help others through our efforts.

For this, we turn to a Vision Statement. This is, at its core, exactly as the name implies. It’s a broad-strokes outline of what a company hopes to achieve. It’s a combination of what the organization wants to be, or how one wants the world around the organization to be in the future. As an example, a retail shop could use something like “We hope to aid everybody in finding the electronics they need at fair prices.” A charity could use something like “We envision a world where there is no hunger, where everybody can have a meal.”

Yes, it’s idealized and a bit naïve. This is by design, though, as it’s meant to be inspirational and emotive. However, it is a vital tool in the planning process. It goes hand in hand with the company’s Mission Statement – something that we will touch upon later.

We’re still banging out the details of our own vision statement at the moment. However, I guess we could say, in a broad sense, that we want to see a world where anime as a whole can grow and thrive apart from the stigmas and the stereotypes that plague us today.” Again, this is rough, and it will change, but it’s a start!

I do hope you look forward to joining us, as we start to look toward tomorrow and the day after. You’re our lifeblood, and we appreciate your readership.