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AnimEigo CEO Happy With KickStarter Result, Plans More

Bubblegum Crisis Priss - 20140218In our most recent podcast, we spoke with AnimEigo CEO Robert Woodhead about the latest happenings with the Bubblegum Crisis Ultimate Edition Blu-Ray set. The set, which was the product of a successful Kickstarter campaign, raised over $100,000 through the campaign and is still generating sales via AnimEigo’s PayPal order site. Since the day the KickStarter closed, the backer forum and regular Kickstarter updates became the primary sources for news on the project. Because of this, it wouldn’t be surprising to hear that those who haven’t kept up with these feeds (and even those who have!) may be curious about a few finer aspects of the project to this point.

During the course of our conversation, topics tended to focus primarily on the KickStarter drive and the various facets of running a process as ambitious the one that Woodhead is employing for this release. As we talked, though, a number of interesting tidbits arose, both about the project and AnimEigo’s plans as a whole.

Regarding the project itself:

  • AnimEigo was able to gain permission to include PDF editions of both the Bubblegum Crisis RPG books from R. Talsorian Games, as well as Adam Warren’s Bubblegum Crisis: Grand Mal (published by Dark Horse) in the set. Whether they’re added or not depends on an upcoming vote from the backers.
  • Re-Subtitling of the Holiday in Bali special is complete
  • Three English subtitle proof-readers volunteered, and found dozens of tweaks and fixes that have been in the script for twenty years.
  • Proof-reading for French subtitles is complete
  • German, Italian, and Finnish subs are being worked on by volunteer teams
  • One proofreader transcribed Japanese subtitles, which AnimEigo is attempting to get approval to use in the set
  • A vote for the use of the remaining discretionary budget will be held next week.

In regards to Bubblegum Crisis as a whole,

  • AnimEigo holds the global license to Bubblegum Crisis outside of Japan.
  • AnimEigo may release a consumer edition of the Bubblegum Crisis Blu-Ray in 2015. This edition will not include the full set of extra features found in the Ultimate Edition.
  • Response to the first major poll was bout 30-50% of all backers
  • Forum responses have been useful not only for the pitching of ideas, but also for gaining feedback and identifying people who would be helpful in the production process
  • Japanese licensors are watching the Bubblegum Crisis Kickstarter to see how it goes. They want to find a way to add value in a digital age, where bits can be copied and exact duplicates can be made easily.

Woodhead mentioned that he is already working on new KickStarter projects. He mentioned that there were “two or three interesting candidates,” and noted that he might run several at once. There are a couple of titles that he knows that the company can do, and a couple that he would like to do. If the company gets the go-ahead, then we may see an announcement by early summer.

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