If you tried tuning into Anime Herald today, between about 8:30 and 10AM, you were probably greeted with the following:

MySQL Database Error - 20140510

While we were able to get the site back up, I want to express my deepest apologies for this. We’ve done a root cause analysis and, while we were unable to divulge the details in their entirety, we can confirm that we ran into an issue with our MySQL instance. Specifically, a job went awry that took the instance down, and left the site unable to access anything, from the front page to posts.

I want to personally apologize for the downtime, and I thank you for your patience as we got things back up and running. We’ll be taking steps to ensure that this doesn’t happen again… or in the case that we do run into such an issue again, the downtime will be minimal at best. I want to thank you for your patience this morning, as we worked to get everything back to normal.