Here at Anime Herald, we try to keep things squarely in the realm of anime. And, for the most part we like to stay there. After all: our name is Anime Herald. We’re not going to break away to talk about things that have no relation like western video games or Disney flicks.

Oh yes, we went there.

However, there’s one event where we simply have to let our hair down and talk about some freaking vidya games! E3 was last week, which means that the gaming industry dominated commentary, both online and offline. Who as releasing what on what platform simply took over all conversation, and it spread from person to person like a virus.

And, to be honest, a bunch of us here at the Herald couldn’t help but catch the fever, too! Like everyone else, we were streaming every second, watching every minute, and discussing every reveal, no matter how small. In the post-show hype, Ben, Matt, and I sat down to really discuss what we saw at the show: What we loved, what we hated, and what we simply want in our veins right now, god damn it! Everything, from Bloodborne, to Splatoon was on the table, as we talked, joked, and jabbed at each other.

  • Mike Ferreira
  • Matt Brown
  • Benjamin Fennell

The podcast is available for listening below:

Show Notes

Topic 1: Nintendo’s 2014 Digital Event

Topic 2: Sony’s E3 2014 Conference

Topic 3: Microsoft’s E3 2014 Conference

Topic 4: E3 2014 Smash Bros. Invitational

Topic 5: Xenoblade Chronicles X Gameplay

Topic 6: Splatoon Trailer

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