The Sailor Moon dub clips continue to roll in!

Earlier today, Viz uploaded their fourth preview clip for Sailor Moon’s English dub. This time around, the focus is Cristina Vee in her role as Sailor Mars. The clip, which is taken from episode 13, “Girls Unite: The End of Jadeite”, showcases the climactic battle between Jadeite and the trio of Sailor Moon (Stephanie Sheh), Sailor Mars, and Sailor Mercury (Kate Higgins).

Cristina Vee nails it, kind of. Early in the clip, it seems like the voices are rushed a bit to fit the mouth flaps. however, the performances are strong on the whole, and do a fantastic job of selling the scene as a whole.

For those who want more episode 1 action, Viz also uploaded an extended edition of the second dub preview to Hulu, which covers the first meeting of Usagi and Luna (Michelle Ruff). The updated clip covers the first full transformation, as well as the moments before Sailor Moon rushes to the Jewelry store to save the day.