You’re not dreaming, Steins;Gate fans. Today marks another fantastic day, where a new short has hit the web.

It’s another chance to get a three-minute glimpse into the lives of Okabe Rintaro and Makise Kurisu, outside of the familiar settings of the Future Gadget Lab and Akiba in general.

The new short, which was produced with the cooperation of IBM, is a continuation of the first short. The film focuses on Rintaro and Kurisu, following a particularly nasty fight, and shows how IBM’s cognitive computing can be used for navigation. In this ideal setting, the short argues how cognitive navigation can lead to some unexpected (and pleasant) surprises.

Due to strong international demand, the new short was subtitled in English. As a bonus, the first short was also uploaded in subtitled format:

Today’s release covers the second of four planned shorts. While the release dates aren’t known, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the remaining episodes surface in the near future. After all, more Steins;Gate is always a good thing.