The Autumn has finally arrived. The leaves have turned to a rainbow of yellows, reds, and oranges, and the local shops are advertising pumpkin-spice everything. Jack O’Lanterns glare out from countless doorsteps, offering a silent and watchful gaze as they await the coming of evening.

Outside, the streets will be teeming with life. Costumed children and their patient parents trek from door to door, in search of the almighty candy. Adults will congregate at the countless parties celebrating the day, and movie theaters will be packed with folks searching for scares from horror flicks.

Anime fans certainly don’t need to feel left out. With a little know-how, and a few good titles, fans can create their own evening of spooky, scary skeletons and things that go “bump “in the night. In 2013, we offered seven suggestions, which could tickle funny bones, quench the thirst for action, and simply send shivers up a viewer’s spine.

This year, we’d like to add one more title to that list. To celebrate this spookiest of holidays, we took a look at OVA classic Vampire Princess Miyu.

For now, though, while the night is young, go forth and enjoy the day. We wish you all a very happy and safe Halloween!