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The Herald Anime Club Meeting 28: The Royal Tutor Episode 6

Meeting Date: 5/13/2017

Disclaimer: The Herald Anime Club discusses shows as they’re airing. Naturally, there will be spoilers for a given episode. You have been warned!

Mike Ferreira: Good evening everyone, and welcome to the Herald Anime Club. I’m Mike Ferreira, and tonight’s panel includes L.B. Bryant and Anthony Simpson.
L.B. Bryant: Ello!
Anthony Simpson: Hello everyone.
Mike Ferreira: Tonight, we’ll be continuing our discussion of the Royal Tutor with episode 6, or as I’ve started calling it, “Stupid sexy waiter dad.”

Anthony Simpson: I liked this episode a lot.
L.B. Bryant: Me too. This episode went back to the Royal Tutor that I’ve come to love.
Mike Ferreira: Likewise. It was great to see it getting back into the rhythm.
Mike Ferreira: Was also a fantastic look at Licht as a character
L.B. Bryant: Plus it was great to see the story focus on just one of the brothers.
L.B. Bryant: And show us a hidden side of him at that.
Mike Ferreira: Agreed. I won’t lie – I loved seeing him just cut loose in a normal everyday position – it explains a lot about his personality
Anthony Simpson: It was also great to see his relationship with his father.
Mike Ferreira: Indeed. On that note, the king is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters.
Anthony Simpson: The King was AMAZING this episode. I like he decided to work at the café because he wanted to see things from his sons perspective.
L.B. Bryant: The one thing that concerned me about this episode is that no one seems to know what the royal family looks like; not a single person recognized the king or Licht with a pair of glasses? Is Licht actually Superman?

Mike Ferreira: Well, it kind of makes sense in this context.
Mike Ferreira: It’s not like modern day, where you can get photographs of anybody
Anthony Simpson: That sort of bugged me to, but we did see that the other episode where the boys went to town and no one made a comment.
L.B. Bryant: Yeah, that’s a fair point Anthony.
Mike Ferreira: Rather, these are princes who, from all connotations, have been pretty much out of the public eye aside from noble gatherings
Mike Ferreira: So people not recognizing at this point is pretty much a given
L.B. Bryant: That makes sense.
Anthony Simpson: Plus the technology level I’m seeing here isn’t in the modern times so they can’t just look them up online.
Mike Ferreira: Exactly
Mike Ferreira: Closest thing you’ll get is a painting
Mike Ferreira: And even that could be more a “yeah, there’s a resemblance BUT” situation
Anthony Simpson: The café owner did comment that the King looked familiar.
Mike Ferreira: That he did.
Mike Ferreira: On the note of the king, he is a straight-up PIMP – with a capital PIMP.
L.B. Bryant: lol dude definitely has some skills.
Mike Ferreira: From the moment he started working, he had control of the room
Anthony Simpson: I have also to mention that the King looked fucking boss in that cafe outfit.

Mike Ferreira: The King could be wearing a clown suit and he’d look boss.
L.B. Bryant: Kind of reminds me of Tamaki Suou and his father of Ouran; they know how to work the ladies into the palms of their hands without breaking a sweat. :)
Mike Ferreira: Definitely.
L.B. Bryant: So let’s talk about the new bit of intrigue in this episode in the form of royal dude who wants to usurp the throne for himself.
Mike Ferreira: Definitely. Was just going to bring that up, myself.
Anthony Simpson: The King has a lot of talents, obviously something from his past which makes me wonder if Heine knows something about it.
Mike Ferreira: I wouldn’t be shocked.
Mike Ferreira: On the note of the noble – his last name is Rosenberg, right? Think he’s related to the guard we met in episode 1?
Anthony Simpson: That Count wants to cause some shit to occur with the royal family.
L.B. Bryant: I hadn’t put that together in my head actually but maybe?
Anthony Simpson: Could just be a coincidence.
Mike Ferreira: Maybe I’m stumbling into a spoiler, but this could turn into a pretty big deal if it’s something that goes that close to the family
Anthony Simpson: well the Count is the one to blab on Licht working.
Mike Ferreira: He is. And it’s clear he was hoping to knock Licht out of the running for the throne.
L.B. Bryant: And the episode ends with the count wanting to dig up another scandal to cause trouble within the royal court.
Mike Ferreira: …that shit-eating smirk gives him a surprisingly punchable face, I must add

L.B. Bryant: Did anyone watch the next episode preview? I skipped it so I don’t know if the next episode is going to focus on one of the brothers again or if it’s going to go back to being about all the brothers.
Anthony Simpson: I did watch it, but I don’t remember at the moment.
L.B. Bryant: How about you, Mike?
Mike Ferreira: I did, it looks like it focuses on the whole group this time. It has Licht talking about coffee over a few clips of the four princes
Mike Ferreira: Plus a shot of Rosenberg at the end
L.B. Bryant: Cool. I hope that we get a Bruno episode in the near future.
Mike Ferreira: More shopping?
L.B. Bryant: lol I’d be OK with that.
Mike Ferreira: I definitely want to see that come up again – maybe have Heine sitting with a book, all nonplussed, asking “Bruno, why do you keep buying me master-student erotica?”
L.B. Bryant: hehehe
Anthony Simpson: lol

Mike Ferreira: Hrm.. any other thoughts on this week’s episode?
Anthony Simpson: Not quite related to the episode but I want see a plush of Heine in chibi mode be made.  I would buy that right up.
L.B. Bryant: Dude, yes!
Mike Ferreira: In a heartbeat
Anthony Simpson: When he was chibi mode in the café the first time I was like I need a plushie of him in my life and I knew one needs to be made.
Mike Ferreira: Agreed. I’m hoping we get it.
Mike Ferreira: And now for something completely different

L.B. Bryant: lol
Mike Ferreira: We’re at mid-season, so it’s a good time to ask: what other shows are in your watch lists?
Anthony Simpson: I wanted to mention that when the King served his first customer the lady made the same noise forehead girl in Dragon Maid made when she touched Kanna.
L.B. Bryant: Sadly I haven’t been able to keep up with much of anything this season. I’ve been attempting to keep up with Sakura Quest but have been failing. *hangs head in shame*
Mike Ferreira: …Oh my god she did
Anthony Simpson: I started with three other shows not counting The Royal Tutor, Love Tyrant, Starmyu 2, along with Alice and Zoroku.  I dropped A&Z last week so now I’m just down to three shows from this season.
Anthony Simpson: Anime Strike getting some shows I Wanted to watch bothered me, and I choose not to go the piracy route to watch those.
L.B. Bryant: *Blerg* Don’t get us started on Anime Strike.
Anthony Simpson: Plus being on medical leave right now I’ve been working on watching backlog titles in the mean time.
Mike Ferreira: We did a show about that. Punch was served. We talked nerdy.
Mike Ferreira: But yeah… due to some business at the day job, I’ve been watching a bit less, myself. My three shows have been Royal Tutor, Sakura Quest, and Alice & Zoroku. I also started up Clockwork Planet, but haven’t gotten far enough to really comment.
Mike Ferreira: On Alice & Zoroku: Holy shit the side mouth. It really is distracting at times
Anthony Simpson: I dropped it after last week.  I just wasn’t feeling it any more.
Mike Ferreira: It’s not a great show by any stretch – but I’m finding it fills 30 minutes of my day once a week
Anthony Simpson: I’m still thinking about checking out Tsugumono and Tsukigakirei tomorrow.
Mike Ferreira: Those are on my “to watch” lists, as well
Mike Ferreira: I’ll also be scoping out the eventual Blu-Ray for Anonymous Noise – what I’ve seen of the franchise gives me a lot of hope overall
Mike Ferreira: It looks like we’re coming to the end of this meeting so, as Kai would say, “be good boys”. Night, everyone!
Anthony Simpson: Goodnight everyone.
L.B. Bryant: Night!

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