Happy Halloween, everybody! On this day of tricks, treats, spooks, and spirits. On this spine-tingling day, it seems like everybody is turning up to celebrate the occasion. Kids walk from door to door in hopes of bringing home their weight in candy, as adults scope out the party scene for a rare weekday night of revelry.

Junji Ito, the master of horror behind works like Tomie, Uzamaki, and Gyo, got in on the fun this year, with the help of the folks at Crunchyroll. In a video uploaded to Crunchyroll’s YouTube channel, the artist takes a tour of the famed Winchester Mystery House. The eighteen-minute special captures Ito’s reactions and comments on the locale, while providing a background on its haunted history.

Over the course of the tour, Ito divulges details on his creative process and his influences, and discusses his role in the production of 2018’s Junji Ito Collection. Moreover, he confesses that he likes to keep The Beatles, ABBA, and The Beach Boys rolling while he works. It’s the ideal watch for those folks who are handing out candy this year, with a light tone and just enough spooks to intrigue without being chilling.

Source: Crunchyroll (Email Communication)