My Girlfriend Is The President StillMy fellow anime fans, good afternoon.

Anime Herald has officially entered a new decade, and a new generation. Today, we stand proudly as we cast aside the shackles of the past, and look forward to a bold new future.

Today, we embark, not as a news site, not as a blog, but as a digital magazine, aimed at shining a light on the biggest, the best, and the brightest parts of our outstanding fandom. Together, we will remember our incredible history, and gaze forth to the brilliant future that awaits. We will look into the the “who” and “how” behind the niches that bring us closest together, and uncover the “why” behind the biggest stories that bubble at the top of our fandom.

That is why, today, we stand as we cast aside the weights that held us to the past, and look toward a brilliant tomorrow. Our news department is shuttered, and our dailies have ceased. Starting today, we shall instead focus on six core ideals:

Each has its place within our halls, and each shall find its voice both in our past, as well as our present. However, we do not intend to do this on our own.

Our Patreon patrons, who have been nothing short of wonderful in their steadfast support, will not be forgotten. Effective as of January 1, we’ve begun releasing all of our articles as patron exclusives for a period of at least two weeks, under our Early Access program. It’s our sincere belief that, while Anime Herald will always be free to read, we genuinely appreciate our Patrons’ contributions and will honor them with this bonus. Since starting this initiative, we’ve released more than one dozen articles via the early access program, which could only be made possible due to their generosity.

A good man once said that, in order to do something right, one must make sturdy steps forward. They don’t have to be big, but they have to be firm, confident steps. With our new design, and our new focus, I can proudly say that we’ve made our first sturdy steps in this new decade. I hope that you will continue to join us, both as readers, and as patrons, as we continue to push to make Anime Herald a publication like no other, and grow into something that everybody can feel proud of, from our team, to our patrons, to myself, to most importantly you.

Welcome back,

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Samantha Ferreira

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