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The Herald Anime Club Meeting 155: Retro Rewind: Zombie Land Saga Episode 7

Meeting Date: 8/29/2020

Disclaimer: The Herald Anime Club discusses shows in a generally unmoderated format. Naturally, there will be spoilers for a given episode. You have been warned!

Samantha Ferreira: Hi everyone, and welcome to the Herald Anime Club! I’m Samantha, and I’m here with Anthony this week

Anthony Simpson: Evening

Samantha Ferreira: Tonight, we’re heading back to Kyushu for Zombie Land Saga episode 7: “Lightning is like Autotune for Zombies.”

Still from Zombie Land Saga depicting a zombie girl sitting, unamused as two zombies argue in the background.

Anthony Simpson: Start to finish, I loved this episode

Samantha Ferreira: Same. It was just so well-paced, so well-done

Anthony Simpson: I really enjoyed Junko coming to terms with how things are done with Idoldom, and Kotaro letting her do things her way

Samantha Ferreira: Same. Also, he had one of the best one-liners in the episode. “Kicky-blammo” is the best thing to scream when stomping in a door.

Anthony Simpson: He breaking the door down and then when he finished speaking with Junko asking her to fix the door was chefs kiss.

Samantha Ferreira: Right? Then the montage with her just drilling in the hinges in-between

Still from Zombie Land Saga that depicts a white-haired woman as she drills a door onto its frame.

Anthony Simpson: That was great. The one thing I really enjoy that despite the tone shifts in a given scene it works.

Samantha Ferreira: Yeah. It was just silly enough to work here. Right up there with Junko getting Isekai Truck’d.

Anthony Simpson: I laughed so hard at that. Like just Junko getting hit, Kotaro’s face at hitting Junko.

Samantha Ferreira: Right? The straight-up “Oh shit” face cutting away to Junko just flying through the air. Also: this is a landmark episode because the Great Tae Yamada got her first lines :0

Anthony Simpson: Oh god who could forget that. Bringing it back to Junko I liked it that she stepped up when Ai was having trouble during the show. Really shows how she is a seasoned pro as an idol.

Samantha Ferreira: Likewise. That was just an amazing scene. It was a great moment of catharsis after the big feud that had been building.

Anthony Simpson: It certainly was. One touch that I enjoyed was how when the team got hit with lighting they just glowed.

Samantha Ferreira: Yeah. And they just started going into autotune because why not?

Anthony Simpson: I thought that was an interesting choice. I mean they didn’t have to autotune the girls, but as a choice I would say it works.

Samantha Ferreira: I thought it was great because it at least made the lightning crackles make more sense. An “Oh yeah, that parses” type of thing.

Also, I have to admit – the visual humor was just on-point this episode. Junko’s mushrooms, the bowling shoe waterproofing session, the A+ face-game through the whole thing. It was just a visually interesting episode

Anthony Simpson: The Bowling shoe waterproofing that was another favorite scene of mine

Samantha Ferreira: Right? Just Saki being pissed-off when she realizes was priceless.

A blonde woman glares angrily at a can of waterproofing liquid

Anthony Simpson: Saki being Saki

Samantha Ferreira: Which is automatically outstanding.

Anthony Simpson: Oh yes it is

Samantha Ferreira: If I have one regret, though, it’s mostly that Yugiri gets so underused. She’s just an amazing character and I love her “fish out of water” mentality

Anthony Simpson: I want to see more of Yugiri too. I think that one part of this show that really works is how you have these characters from different times periods and it all works.

Samantha Ferreira: Yeah… they don’t worry about the details, it just works somehow. You have an 1800s courtesan, a ’70s idol, a biker from the ’90s, a wannabe from the oughts, Tae Yamada from forever and ever… and it all just works somehow.

Any final thoughts this week?

Anthony Simpson: I’m looking forward to the next episode specially since the next episode is THE episode.

Samantha Ferreira: Likewise! It’s been a lot of fun going through this again.

Anyway, that’s all the time we have this week. Til next time, remember: “Lightning doesn’t hurt zombies. Only fire.”

Have a great night!

Anthony Simpson: Good night

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