The content of this piece was written during a viewing of the first episode of Super GALS on November 26, 2010. Edits have been made for spelling and grammar, but the rest is completely untouched, and un-edited from its original format.

A show about vapid, materialistic girls didn’t sound too appealing first. This is one of the cases where I’m glad to have been proven wrong.

7:13 PM Good evening, everyone. Welcome to the Black Friday showblog!

7:14 PM To commemorate the day, today’s blog is dedicated to the ultimate consumer whores, Ko-Gals!

7:14 PM Tonight’s feature is Super GALS!

7:14 PM So, before I begin, I’d like to get the basic info out of the way:

7:14 PM Directed by Tsuneo Kobayashi (Kurokami, Twelve Kingdoms)

7:15 PM Created by Mihona Fujii (Passion Girls, Tokyo Angels)

7:15 PM Music by Hikaru Nanase (Galaxy Angel, Scrapped Princess)

7:15 PM Animated by Studio Pierrot (Fushigi Yuugi, Great Teacher Onizuka, Urusei Yatsura)

7:15 PM Released in the west by Nozomi Entertainment, aka .@animetoday

7:16 PM I’ve heard good things about this series, so let’s find out together!

7:16 PM Show start!

7:16 PM Opening credits – seems like this could be goofy in a Kodocha way already.

7:17 PM Song is energetic, the lyrics are delightfully stupid.

7:18 PM And now we start proper… with a shot of Shibuya… I think :P

7:18 PM “Go out with me :3” creepy guy already starting strong

7:18 PM “You like me, don’t you? :3 -goes for kiss-” …yeah, he’s a creep.

7:19 PM Who just got facepursed. O_o

7:19 PM Hah. :D “Gal-speak” segment with an SD ganguro

7:20 PM “Who the hell would fall for a dense guy like you? T_T” Wow… she’s brutal

7:20 PM And catfight. One girl against three ganguros! Here comes the death!

7:21 PM Name: Kotobuki Ran – self-proclaimed “World’s Greatest Gal.” uh, kay? :D

7:21 PM Apparently, she’s been starting crap in Shibuya.

7:21 PM Enough to terrify the three ganguro XD

7:22 PM Hah. :D She’s getting dragged off by a cop.

7:22 PM Creep got pursesmashed again though.

7:22 PM …Eyecatch already? O_o -checks timer- ah crap… it’s one of those kinds of shows. That could be good or bad.

7:23 PM “Dammit, I’m here to protect the peace of Shibuya T_T” poor cop :( Ran’s not even listening.

7:23 PM No wonder – he’s her brother. >_> I feel bad for him now.

7:23 PM “It’s enough to make me cry D:”

7:23 PM Go figure… her parents were a line of cops… and she’s a delinquent. How… expected

7:24 PM And in comes Miyu Yamazaki – “Ran’s super-good friend” who “loves Yamato” if this intro card is right…

7:25 PM No wonder – Yamato = Ran’s brother’s name. >_> And she has the hots alright. Made him lunch

7:25 PM Aw… cute moments are awesome :D

7:26 PM “He’s super-cool :3” …they talk like little kids. >_>

7:26 PM “Have you kissed? :3” “O_o => D:”

7:26 PM Ran seems worldly… in a creepy way.

7:26 PM Eyecatch again. Time: 6:30 >_>

7:26 PM Parapara beats are always fun at least :D

7:27 PM …Looks like Ran’s getting disciplined by her teacher for sleeping. >_> “Mornin’, Naka-teach :D” at least she’s friendly to him.

7:28 PM He seems pissed. I would be too >_>

7:29 PM Ah, prose to counter dumbass students – I loved teachers like that :D

7:29 PM “Itazura – means Italian Wig :D” …wat ‘-‘ bad pun is bad

7:30 PM And she got a good whack to the head. :D Physical comedy is fun!

7:30 PM Hah… Ran fell asleep mid-chew-out.

7:30 PM And eyecatch again.

7:31 PM “I got a bag from Meisho High :3” …’kay? >.> I don’t get it but it’s good I guess.

7:31 PM Ahhh – got it from a hot guy

7:31 PM “He’s GL :D” …is it that hard to say “Good looking”?

7:32 PM Slang lesson from random student – “Incom = Imcomparably” :D

7:32 PM Hah.. Rei wants the bag. XD And she’s having a tantrum

7:32 PM And her friends are ashamed…

7:33 PM Gossip time – apparently the class smart girl is into enjou kosai… juicy scandal :D

7:34 PM And back to Ran, who wants that damn bag… She’s ranting on the Hachiko statue >_>

7:34 PM Off goes enjou kosai girl :D

7:34 PM So far, this is a very colorful show – I like that.

7:34 PM And Ran caught up with her – name: Hoshino

7:35 PM And Ran cuts to the chase >_> “You doin’ enjou kosai?”

7:35 PM …Apparently, she is.

7:35 PM Ran = shocked.

7:36 PM And Hoshino’s offended.

7:36 PM Brief Mid-show analysis: For what it is, this is pretty funny. The jokes are sharp, the writing’s pretty good, and the visual humor is great


7:37 PM Where Ran’s meeting up with Miya… then jetting off to get a bag from man candy.


7:38 PM Wow… she is gutsy. Trying to bum it off him then steal it… as both Miya and man-candy’s friends watch aghast

7:38 PM “Ran’s brain is simple after all :D” Amen to that, Miya… amen -_-

7:38 PM And the ganguro are back to kick ass.

7:39 PM Looks like man-candy mistook her for a streetwalker. XD Ice burn!

7:39 PM And Ran’s pissed… but she got the bag! :D

7:40 PM Hah. Looks like Man-candy’s friend is into her.

7:40 PM Back to worrying about Hoshino’s enjou kosai >_>

7:41 PM “This has nothing to do with you D:” Exactly -_-

7:42 PM … … … So she goes on paid dates to have fun? Doesn’t it usually end with… … :-|

7:42 PM And Ran’s gloating now. Theft = victory, apparently >_>

7:43 PM Looks like Ran’s hunting down Hoshino, with the help of her brother. .. Who is a bit pissed o_o

7:43 PM And Miya to the rescue :D

7:43 PM More ganguro SD lessons

7:43 PM Bike theft GO

7:43 PM “The brakes are broken :O” Observant girl was observant

7:44 PM And she falls right in Man-Candy Rei’s lap… figuratively, and Asou the friend’s lap literally >_> How convenient

7:44 PM “I’m not a taxi T_T” My words exactly

7:45 PM Damn, Ran’s fast O_o chased down Hoshino in no time

7:45 PM “Don’t you have any pride? T_T” Clearly not -_- She’s gonna sell her body to a guy

7:46 PM Bitchslap! Shit just got real

7:47 PM And Ran of all people is lecturing her… and doing a good job of it o_o go fig

7:47 PM …Made Hoshino cry. D:

7:48 PM Hah. Hoshino’s turning in her money from enjou kosai – Ran’s thinking about how much takoyaki that’d get

7:48 PM “You’re a smartass :D” “I get that a lot :D” Rei = awesome

7:49 PM Planning fun on a budget – smart

7:49 PM And credits.

7:50 PM Verdict: I can finally see where the appeal to this is.

7:50 PM The show is charming, funny, and at the same time, doesn’t delve into absolute stupidity or overwhelming angst.

7:51 PM The characters are great, the animation is fantastic, and everything just seems to work in that “stuck together with duct tape” way.

7:52 PM IE, Logically, it probably shouldn’t be, but the show is lots of fun.

7:52 PM I’ll be looking forward to the other 51 episodes in this series. :D

7:54 PM Anyway, thanks for joining me tonight! Have a great weekend! :D

Super GALS is currently available through Nozomi Entertainment.
The series can be purchased at Right Stuf.

Thanks to Nozomi Entertainment for providing a review copy!