The content of this piece was written during a viewing of the first episode of Eden of the East on October 7, 2010. Edits have been made for spelling and grammar, but the rest is completely untouched, and un-edited from its original format.

The moral of this episode seems to be that the solution to most problems, be it police pursuits, or TSA checkpoint passage can be solved with full frontal nudity. I wouldn’t suggest following that lesson, especially since those backscatter devices show everything anyway.

7:27 PM: Good evening, everyone. Welcome to a Thursday showblog!

7:28 PM: Tonight I’ll be covering [email protected]’s release of Eden of the East

7:29 PM: Before I begin though, I just want to get the basic info out of the way

7:30 PM: Directed by Kenji Kamiyama (Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd GIG, Moribito)

7:31 PM: Character designs by Satoko Morikawa (The Cat Returns)

7:31 PM: Opening Theme: Falling Down by Oasis

7:31 PM: Closing theme: Michael ka Belial by Saori Hayami

7:32 PM: Animation by Production I.G.

7:33 PM: Now, let’s get this thing rolling!

7:33 PM: Open on a girl looking through cell phone photos?

7:34 PM: “But exactly how did he become a prince?” Dealing meth :D

7:35 PM: And opening credits – I love Oasis, so the fact [email protected] got the rights to the theme is a real treat

7:35 PM: Already loving the character designs – they have a Ghibli-ish quality to them.

7:36 PM: Now we’re treated to… what I see every morning – traffic –

7:36 PM: Cab Ass’N. Dat Ass’n?

7:37 PM: And they’re in Washington, I’m gathering by the moument :P

7:37 PM: And the fact that there are US flags everywhere

7:37 PM: …Could they make that black guy look any creepier? #wtfJapan

7:38 PM: “This is the center of the world? :O” to some, yes. To others, no.

7:38 PM: Hah. She’s at the White House :D Awesome

7:38 PM: “It’s different than I imagined. o_o” It always is

7:38 PM: Secret Service is watching… what’s she gonna do? >_>

7:39 PM: Hah :D Throwing coins trying to hit the fountain. Cute!

7:39 PM: And the Secret service aren’t too pleased. >_>

7:39 PM: “HEY! YOU WANNA DAH! >:O” XD Epic English is EPIC

7:40 PM: And… WHAT THE FUCK O_o A naked guy waving a gun?!

7:40 PM: Guy watching – “#9 is more unique than I imagined :o”

7:40 PM: “You shall continue to be a savior :o” …wat

7:41 PM: …Girl’s still throwing coins while Mr. Freewang is aiming at the cops and answering his phone >_>

7:41 PM: …Down in JungleLand?

7:42 PM: …And the phone just put out a noise snapping him back. I’m lost here ‘_’ Are they serious? Are they rehashing The Naked Gun in anime form

7:42 PM: “Waito Hauso :D” -stands there nakeds-

7:42 PM: Epic Engrish again :D :D

7:42 PM: “I think I’m in trouble :O” -truck passes, he hitches a naked ride-

7:43 PM: Or not?

7:43 PM: “You were almost in real trouble :O” Says the naked dude

7:43 PM: “It’s bad to throw things at the white house :D” Especially nowadays

7:43 PM: “-looks down- o//o Aren’t you cold?” ICE BURN

7:44 PM: …And she gives him her hat and scarf. And coat. >->

7:44 PM: “It’s my thanks for helping me :D” and giving a free show, no doubt

7:44 PM: Guy’s running in downtown DC naked — he’s an amnesiac, I guess.

7:45 PM: Who has a phone that calls “Juiz”, a concierge? wat?

7:45 PM: “Do you know who I am? :O” I wanna know too

7:46 PM: So ah… sounds like Dollhouse now >_> Erased his memories and they make new ones for him… But they screwed up and didn’t this time

7:46 PM: “This is MY HOME :O”

7:46 PM: Back to the girl. >_>

7:46 PM: Who left her passport with Mr. Nakeds.

7:47 PM: And Mr. Nakeds is running by a Starbucks cart :D

7:47 PM: And the girl coincidentally stops in front of the same cart. >_> Barista apparently knows who she’s looking for, too.

7:47 PM: And he’s flashing a businessman XD

7:48 PM: Or… is he doing the Arnold “Give Me Your Clothes” Schwarzenegger? o-o

7:48 PM: …The latter

7:48 PM: Seems happy to do it too :D #NoPantsDay

7:48 PM: “This makes no sense ;.;” Amen, sister

7:48 PM: The chase is on!

7:48 PM: “The Spy Museum Store” wat

7:49 PM: Poor girl’s getting the run of her life

7:49 PM: And the guy found his home I guess

7:49 PM: “Hey :D Dude, whaddya think ya doin? :D”

7:50 PM: Lots of English – depressingly low amount of Engrish :(

7:50 PM: “WHAT IS ROOM NUMBAA? :O” there we go :D

7:50 PM: The guy lives in a little hovel. Interesting

7:51 PM: And he has a freaking arsenal O_o

7:51 PM: “It’s like that movie – what was it called again? :O TAXI DRIVER :D” At least he has a sense of humor about it

7:52 PM: Boune jokes, too. Fun.

7:52 PM: …Lots of naked people O_o wat

7:53 PM: Poor girl just wants her coat and wallet back. And he peeps at her passport >_> Name? Saki Morimi

7:53 PM: “I’ll use this one :D”

7:53 PM: Naked man’s name? Akira Takizawa – for now

7:54 PM: Ohp – here comes the police. Game over!

7:54 PM: “I need to ask you somethin. The girl in that picture, is that you? :O” Yes. Yes it is.

7:55 PM: Cue suspicious cop – “Are you Japanese T_T I need to see yer Johnny”

7:55 PM: HAH XD He pulls his pants down at the police lady to give her a better look, much to Saki’s dismay.

7:55 PM: “I was pretty cold there :D”

7:56 PM: And the evidence is going up in smoke as they run. Fun.

7:56 PM: Aw… poor girl left her bag behind. :| Hobos got it by now

7:57 PM: And Airport checkpoint time… those waits suck, don’t they? ;)

7:57 PM: Apparently, the fake passport’s real. Interesting.

7:58 PM: Uh oh – Saki’s curious

7:58 PM: “What were you really doing? O_o” “I’m a terrorist :3”

7:58 PM: Just kidding :P

7:59 PM: And Saki? on a college graduation trip – Why DC? “I thought it was the center of the world.”

7:59 PM: And connecting the world problems to the US, well… that’s about right >_>

7:59 PM: US economy went to shit, then the world’s.

7:59 PM: “This place has nothing to do with us :D” QFT

8:00 PM: “My johnny landed a blow :D” “D: -POW-” Hey, his wang DID save the day >_>

8:01 PM: “Could Takizawa be my prince? :O” could be.

8:01 PM: Missile attack on Tokyo? Interesting.

8:01 PM: And it ends. NOOOOO D:

8:02 PM: God DAMN it! It feels like it was over way too soon! XD But that’s the hallmark of a great show

8:02 PM: Really, I’m still in the dark about a lot but the series is very interesting so far.

8:03 PM: I can’t wait to see how this one shapes up going forward.

8:05 PM: Anyway, thanks for sitting through this installment – I hope everyone has a nice night!

Eden of the East is currently available through FUNimation.

The series can be purchased at Right Stuf.

Thanks to FUNimation for providing a review copy!