The content of this piece was written during a viewing of the first episode of Oh! Edo Rocket on January 20, 2011. Edits have been made for spelling and grammar, but the rest is completely untouched, and un-edited from its original format.

If this show could make up its damn mind on what it wanted to be, it could be good. However, as it is, the series needs a ton of work to even be decent, let alone good.

9:41 PM: Good evening, everyone, and welcome to another fun showblog.

9:42 PM: Tonight’s piece is a request from [email protected].

9:42 PM: So, since he’s awesome, I’ve decide that I’ll take it on and cover Oh! Edo Rocket.

9:42 PM: I don’t know much about this, outside of the fact that it’s based on a fireworks maker in the 1800s.

9:43 PM: So, it could be fun, or it could be another Mave-chan… please don’t be another Mave-chan. D:

9:43 PM: Anyway, before I start diving into despair, let’s get onto the basics:

9:43 PM: Directed by Seiji Mizushima (Fullmetal Alchemist, Slayers NEXT)

9:44 PM: Music by Yusuke Honma (Fushigi Yuugi, Great Teacher Onizuka)

9:44 PM: Character Designs by Takahiro Yoshimatsu (Ninja Scroll, Trigun)

9:44 PM: Created by Kazuki Nakashima (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann: Ragan-hen, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann: Gurren-hen)

9:44 PM: Animated by Madhouse (Millennium Actress, Monster, Redline)

9:44 PM: Distributed by [email protected]

9:44 PM: Anyway, it’s time to get started, so let’s begin!

9:45 PM: Digi Charat-style Japanese peasants 6 seconds in. Awesome

9:45 PM: And a rocket? O_o Ooo…kay

9:46 PM: Ahh – fireworks. Gotcha

9:46 PM: And some kid that’s pissed off about them >_>

9:46 PM: Looks like he’s a fireworks maker himself.

9:46 PM: …WTF? O_o We have monsters now?

9:47 PM: And they’re… kicking… each others’ asses.

9:47 PM: Jazzy music though… I like that much.

9:47 PM: Seriously, I have no idea what’s going on – it went from fireworks to monster fights… #wtfjapan

9:48 PM: “What did we do to deserve this? D:” …I’m beginning to wonder myself >_>

9:48 PM: The peasants are awesome already. :3 They look like they belong in Digi Charat.

9:48 PM: And they’re bitching about their strife while being SO ADORABLE :D

9:49 PM: And they’re getting drunk. >_>

9:49 PM: And… is that an okama? O_o Being consoled by his sister?

9:49 PM: Back to the drunken peasants talking about possible work.

9:49 PM: Kitty! :D

9:50 PM: And another epic peasant – with a camera.

9:50 PM: … >_> wat. Why is Zetsubou-sensei arresting him?

9:50 PM: Guard wants to pet the pussy. #noententreintended

9:51 PM: Hah.. looks like epic peasant outsmarted them

9:52 PM: “I’m glad I’m the comic relief :D” Fourth wall is officially broken now… and he’s still an epic peasant

9:52 PM: Now we have ninja on the prowl… and the monsters again >_>

9:52 PM: This show doesn’t seem to know what it wants to be.

9:53 PM: It’s just jumping between three genres at the drop of a hat.

9:53 PM: Ohp- dead monster.

9:53 PM: Or at least unconscious >_>

9:53 PM: And the two are fighting the ninja.

9:54 PM: The fight choreography is actually pretty well-done. I have to admit that much. :) And the jazz-inspired music is freaking epic.

9:54 PM: Ohp – blue monster’s dead. >_>

9:55 PM: And there goes the other one… who’s just stunned.

9:55 PM: And away it goes.

9:55 PM: Back to the fireworks makers

9:56 PM: Name: Seikichi

9:56 PM: And the epic townspeople seem to enjoy it… except gloomy okama

9:57 PM: And we have a traveler that found the monster… ‘kay?

9:57 PM: And the monster likes the fireworks. >> I think I see where this is going now

9:58 PM: Anyway, the next day – Zetsubou is in despair! :O …nah, he’s just cleaning and taking the epic inventor in

9:58 PM: I see THIS end now. >_> Apparently, the village leader outlawed luxuries… for some reason

9:59 PM: And they’ve been caught… Oops :D

10:00 PM: “This place was COVERED in trash D:” aw… poor Zetsubou. No wonder he’s in despair

10:00 PM: And now he’s making snide haikus… fun

10:00 PM: “When people live ina big pile of trash, they become trash :3” smug bastard

10:01 PM: Oops. :D Seikichi got caught for setting off fireworks

10:02 PM: Hah… this guy’s enjoying the sight of watching Seikichi squirm.

10:03 PM: Hah..Seikichi Tamaya – go figure. :P

10:03 PM: Locksmith Gin comes to save the day. According to his story, theyw ere doing a job

10:04 PM: “What store did you help at? D:” “I can’t tell ya that :3”

10:04 PM: And he says it anyway.. hah

10:04 PM: This story is getting wilder and wilder.

10:05 PM: Ohp… Seikichi was caught… or not.

10:05 PM: Poor epic inventor peasant’s still getting locked up

10:06 PM: “Way to go, Gin. you’re such a master of bullshit :D” indeed

10:07 PM: Looks like Seikichi has a reason for working in Edo, where he’s not welcome by the law >_>

10:08 PM: Roof tiler’s got a hangover… and he’s not a nice ex-drunk O_o

10:09 PM: And a murder was stopped by the roof-tiler’s bitchy wife… this is.. uh.. interesting.

10:09 PM: Looks like Seikichi has a guest… who burned the poor guy’s tatami

10:10 PM: “What kind of person lights fireworks in the house? D:” “This kinda person :D”

10:10 PM: This girl apparently knows about him… and she has ideas.

10:11 PM: Hah. :D she knows his secrets

10:11 PM: My guess: This girl is the monster from before. :P

10:11 PM: Girl wants to go to the moon. >_>

10:12 PM: And credits.

10:12 PM: Well.. this was… er… interesting.

10:12 PM: The show has potential. However, the first episode just didn’t know where it wanted to go

10:12 PM: Did it want to be action? Comedy? It’s hard to tell at some points.

10:13 PM: I’ll have to give it another episode or two before I can answer for certain.

Oh! Edo Rocket is distributed in America by FUNimation.
The series can be purchased at Right Stuf.

Thanks to FUNimation for providing a review copy!