First Held: April 18-20, 2003

Notable Figures
  • A-chan & B-Kun (mascots)
  • Adam Ferraro (co-founder)
  • Patrick Delahanty (co-founder)
  • Derek Guder (co-founder)
  • Tiffani Nadeau (co-founder)

    Signature Events
    • Cosplot: An over-arching storyline that links the convention’s major events through skits and performances by cosplayers. The theme changes from year to year.
    • Formal Ball: A formal (Black Tie “invited”) charity ball that benefits the New England Multiple Sclerosis Society

    Prominent Guests
    • Yuki Kajiura & Kalafina (2009)
    • Nobuo Uematsu (2010)
    • The Pillows (2008)
    • Tiffany Grant (2003)
    • Crispin Freeman (2004)
    • Greg Ayres (2005-2010)
    • Tom Wayland (2003-2010)


    Planning for the first Anime Boston began in October 2001 between Adam Ferraro and Patrick Delahanty. The team gained two more members a few weeks later, when Derek Guder and Tiffani Nadeau joined in planning, and the group incorporated under The New England Anime Society (NEAS) moniker. The NEAS toured four Boston-area hotels in December 2001, before deciding on the Park Plaza. The hotel offered lower rates than other competing facilities, and had experience hosting similar events.

    Anime Boston’s first event was expected to have a “worst-case” tally of 600 attendees, and a high estimate of 1,000. The NEAS began promoting the event with the cooperation of (now Mania), and distributed flyers at larger conventions like Otakon. A total of 1,384 applications were filed by the time pre-registrations for the event closed. Thousands more waited at the doors to get in on the first day of the event. When the dust cleared, and final numbers were counted, the NEAS recorded a total of paid 4,110 memberships. Due to a self-imposed attendance cap, Anime Boston 2004’s attendance numbers were significantly lower, as the NEAS sold out at 3,656 attendees.

    Anime Boston moved to the Hynes Convention Center and Sheraton Boston hotel in 2005.

    Fun Facts

    Anime Boston was almost shut down by the Boston Fire Department on three occasions, due to over-crowding.

    Anime Boston 2003 held the honor for fifth largest anime convention in America at the time, and took home records for largest first-year anime convention and the largest anime convention in New England.

    Anime Boston 2004 expanded into The Castle – a former armory, to mitigate traffic to larger attractions, most notably the Dealer’s Room.

    In every year since its creation, Anime Boston has broken the record for Largest Anime Convention in the Northeastern United States.