It’s totally a thing. I swear. Kind of.

Earlier today, Togech reported on a rather unique phenomenon that hit Japanese social media. Today, being March 9th, is the unofficial “Miku Day.” Much like how May the Fourth became unofficially recognized as “Star Wars Day” in the west (“May the Fourth Be With You”), Miku Day relies on a bit of pun play. March 9th, presented as “3/9”, can be translated as “Mi(tsu)-Ku”. According to Japanator, some also refer to the day as “Miku’s Giving Day” because “3/9” can also be pronounced as “San-Kyuu!”

Basically, it’s a day where fans post Hatsune Miku fan-art en masse. On Twitter, for example, the hashtag #3月9日はミクの日 (“Miku Day March 9), is currently dominated by countless pieces, which range from goofy cartoons to gorgeous digital works. Below, we’ve highlighted a few popular stand-outs:

At the same time, today also marks Zaku day. And, like Miku Day, this is a day where fans post their favorite Zaku fan art. Some post photos of their models, while others post their favorite Zaku Gunpla displays. Below, I’ve posted a few stand-out favorites:

What makes today truly interesting, though, is that the two fan-centric days managed to intersect. The new “Miku-Zaku Day” is inspiring a new wave of fan-art, which places Hatsune Miku into a number of truly intriguing incarnations. Whether she’s taking the form of a new Mobile Suit or commanding the Zeon Forces, it’s hard to really imagine the perky emerald-haired idol in any of these forms: