In the gaming world, Titanfall is a bit of a thing. For the uninitiated, Titanfall is a multiplayer online shooter from Respawn Entertainment, which was founded by Call of Duty’s creators. The title’s been a coup for Microsoft, who secured exclusivity for their XBox line and the PC.

The big draw of the title is its heavy use of parkour-like moves such as well running and linked jumps, combined with the use of regular weaponry and Titans: mechanized combat suits that aren’t unlike westernized Gundams.

Attack on Titan, on the other hand, is the tale of a land oppressed by the gargantuan Titans, who have corralled humanity inside a small walled domain. It’s told from the perspective of graduates of the 104th Trainee Squad, specifically Eren, Mikasa, and Armin, as they fight to reclaim the world from their monstrous aggressors.

Yes, I’m oversimplifying, so please don’t leave angry comments!

Anyway, what would happen if the two world collided? What if the Attack on Titan’s main cast members were thrust into this world of high-tech combat? YouTuber Polaris decided this was worth looking into, which led to Attack on Titanfall: a video that places the Attack on Titan cast into a futuristic version of the Battle For Trost… albeit with a slightly less gruesome outcome. The two mesh surprisingly well in this fast-paced short that’s surprisingly fun to watch.

We’ve posted the video below, so check it out!