If you haven’t seen The Fine Bros.’ “Kids/Teens/Adults React To…” series of videos, then you’ve either been living under a rock, or you’ve been incredibly fortunate. Over the past four years, viewers have watched people react to the biggest online trends. We’ve seen kids react to Caramelldansen, adults react to Skrillex, and teens react to My Little Pony. The videos are usually  presented for the maximum comedic effect, and prove to be fun examples  that really nail the most base gut reactions to whatever’s trending at the moment.

This weekend, the group shifted their attention to the anime world, with their latest “Reacts” installment: “Teens React To Attack on Titan.” And, as one would expect, there’s a mix of the confused, the excited, and the just plain disturbed. It’s a truly interesting look into how the average person would react to the series, and captures the real energy that people pull from the show itself.

We’ve posted the video below, so be sure to check it out: