Landing the perfect job can be hard work. With the job postings, resumes, and interviews, it can be a bit overwhelming for first time job seekers.

Sometimes, it leads one to wish there were an anime series that helps fledgling anime fans find the vocation of their dreams!

Well, wish no more! Hiring firm en japan is currently releasing a series of short anime episodes aimed at helping the less savvy prepare to find their calling int he working world. Currently, there are three episodes available, each structured in a Question & Answer format.

In each episode, Yukari, a 27-year-old career advisor, covers topics of import for job seekers, from resume preparation to interview attire. The second short, for example, breaks down the language regarding the stated work week in want-ads. She notes that any job with two days off during the week has a “five day work week.”


The shorts are offbeat, though they certainly do a great job of delivering information that job seekers will need when getting into the crowded career market.

Episode 1: Interview Attire

Episode 3: Resume Writing