Anime themes just got a little more kinetic!

While they’re not the best-known bunch in North America, break-dancing troupe Real Akiba Boys have garnered a bit of a following on Japanese video service Nico Nico.

Real Akiba Boys bring a spirited, albeit quirky take on the usual anime themes with amazing choreographed breakdance routines that capture and build on the energy of each song. The choreography of each routine is simply fantastic, with the sheer technique of the dancers mixing with a playful, fun sense of humor that really gives the act personality.

Then there’s the skits. The group’s best-known routines are typically punctuated with a one-minute reenactment of a popular scene from the title to which the opening belongs. These bits are offbeat, though genuinely funny, and offer plenty of winks and nods that fans of the original shows would appreciate.

Since the group’s formation, Real Akiba Boys have lent their performance talents to dozens of musical numbers, in numerous locations around the world. They’ve done Love Live! in Paris, Baccano in Japan, and performed backup routines for voice actress turned idol Kaori Fukuhara. And, even today, their performances continue to just be super fun to watch.

Their latest performance, for Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun, proves to be no different. The group really grabs that funky beat and works it, with an energetic, fun performance that will leave any fan smiling.

In addition, we’ve posted their routines for Love Live!, Kill la Kill, and No Game No Life below. Give them a watch, and don’t forget to catch the skits at the end!

Love Live:

Kill la Kill:

No Game No Life: