A few weeks ago, Hatsune Miku made an appearance in New York. You might have heard of it. She appeared on some TV show, there was an art show, and a few fairly well-received concerts in October.

Totally low-key stuff.

Joking aside, the art exhibition at MikuExpo featured a number of truly incredible pieces of the virtual idol. The one that certainly garnered the most attention was a work by Final Fantasy character designer Tetsuya Nomura. It was a 3D design that took a decidedly more realistic take on the virtual diva’s appearance. Outlets like Kotaku made cracks about the display, and comments sections everywhere erupted with angry notes about how this is the worst possible thing in, like, ever.

We weren’t even above a bit of friendly ribbing in our reporting on the exhibit.

Earlier today, the official Hatsune Miku channel made this 3D display available for viewing on YouTube. The work is a 54-second short film that sees Miku awaken, shortly before rocketing through a pastel wonderland of neon lights and bouncing music.

While the design still stands out as a bit jarring, we have to admit that things definitely look better in motion.