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Science Kicks Sailor Pluto’s Ass To the Curb

The celestial heroines of Sailor Moon first made their mark in 1991, with Naoko Takeuchi’s manga. At the time, our solar system had nine planets, including Pluto, so each one had a Sailor Guardian associated with it.

In 2015, things are a bit different. Pluto‘s been downgraded to a dwarf planet in the Kepler Belt. Even worse, it’s smaller than other dwarf planets discovered since Pluto was first sighted in 1930. That honor goes to Eris, which clocks in at a surprising 27% larger.

So what’s a Sailor Guardian to do?

If Fox’s Animation Domination crew had their way, pink slips would be in the mail before the clock struck midnight! Of course, it wouldn’t be Princess Serenity handing out walking papers. That job would fall upon renowned astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson. We shouldn’t feel bad, though. While Sailor Pluto wouldn’t be a Guardian anymore, she’d apparently fine some way to be of use as a vehicle for dark comedy!

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