Remember School Girl Crush, that shoujo anime parody by Fox ADHD that parodied everything from Utena to Kill la Kill? Well, it’s back.

Yesterday, Fox ADHD posted the sequel to its previous parody, titled School Girl Crush 2: Mechattraction!. And, like its predecessor, it’s outlandish and over the top in the very best ways. The official description is as follows:

In the first episode of School Girl Crush!, we learned that high school girls get their powers from kissing each other. Now, Lucia Goch is back to destroy Kim Kimiko, and she’s got a crush of her own.

Like the first installment, Mechattraction is a goofy, borderline stupid short that just revels in its sheer absurdity. The plot makes no sense, the characters are pointless, and the dialogue is borderline asinine.

Still, there’s some real fun to be had in watching a trash can with legs beat the hell out of a Gundam.

To get the hype train rolling, Fox posted a short trailer for the feature on January 10. Though, can it be called short if it makes up a third of the actual feature’s run time? Whatever. It’s still worth a watch.